The Sun is Shining and Schneiderman’s is Bringing You Yellow!

Convey it with Color – Yellow

Yellow promotes optimism, enlightenment, and happiness.  (I can tell you that when I see the first daffodil come up in spring after a long Minnesota winter, I can tell you that I am nothing but optimistic, enlightened, and happy).  Yellow will advance from surrounding colors, create energy and promote creative thoughts. Where other colors darken from saturation, yellow is the one color that becomes brighter with more saturation. It is generally considered the happiest of all colors. One word of caution when decorating with sunnier yellows…be prepared to prime and paint multiple coats for good coverage. This color is most popular used in small, confined spaces to let the sun in, children’s spaces and eating and gathering areas. Bring the sunshine in and decorate with yellow!

A beautiful vase of yellow flowers.

Yellow is Sunshine!

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