The Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 50 Ideas From Moms


Moms love and give so much, and are such an important part of our lives.

Because of that, we didn’t want to guess what they might want on their special day.  We conducted a (very informal) survey with a small group of moms, and asked them instead!

This post is a summary of their responses in no particular order (repeats have only been included once).

Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

1. Flowers to plant (this was a popular answer!)
2. Hanging plants.
3. Gift card to favorite greenhouse/nursery.
4. Go as a family to buy flowers at the nursery and then bring the plants home and plant them together.
5. A nice planter.
6. Yard decor.
7. Fresh flowers for inside the house – smelly ones preferred!
8. Gift cards to favorite store or stores.
9. Coffee shop gift cards.
10. Gift card to the salon.
11. A spa day.

What Moms Really Want for Mother's Day - A Mother's Day Gift Guide

12. Facial.
13. Pedicure.
14. Massage.
15. New outdoor lounge chair.
16. Outdoor swing + a good book.
17. Lunch or dinner with the all the kids and/or grandkids.
18. Adirondack chairs for by the fire pit.
19. Anything I didn’t buy myself.
20. A centerpiece for the kitchen table.
21. Yard work/spring yard cleaning.
22. Homemade things from the grandchildren.

We put together a Mother's Day Gift Guide from our informal survey, and here are the 50 gift ideas.

23. Patio ware to use instead of paper plates.
24. Pictures of the grandchildren in a fun frame.
25. A photo book from Shutterfly.
26. A poster-size black and white canvas of the family.
27. Photos, photos, photos.
32. A nice dinner out.
33. Pillows for my outdoor furniture.
34. Spending time with children and grandchildren.
35. Family Day.  No gifts, but lots of pampering.
36. Sleep in.
37. An “alone” day with no responsibilities.

It was fun to survey moms to see what they REALLY want.  Here are the results of our informal little survey.  A Mother's Day Gift Guide.

38. Scarves.
39. Earrings.
40. Heart pendant.
41. Chocolate dipped strawberries.
42. Dark chocolate.
43. Tickets to a play.
44. Glider for the deck.
45. Kindle to read books on.
45. A round of golf + dinner at a golf resort.
46. Tickets for the family to a sports event.
47. Candles.

A fun Mother's Day Gift Guide with 50 ideas - from real moms.

48. Favorite perfume.
49. Theater tickets.
50. Charms to add to my bracelet.

Do you have anything to add to our Mother’s Day Gift Guide? What are your favorite gifts to give or receive for Mother’s Day?

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