The Friday 5: Tips and Ideas for A Great Yard


Aaaaah.  The snow is gone!   And.

Oh.  Ugh.  Look at the yard…

Since yards aren’t magically ready for spring and summer once the snow disappears, and some of you are working on and looking for ideas to spruce yours up, we thought we’d link you to some resources and creative ideas that may help.

1. Repairing Your Lawn.

Not the prettiest tasks, but they can lead to prettiness!

Great advice from Midwest Living in this post: Lawn Care Basics: The Grass is Always Greener.  (We also found tips on easy lawn care and a simple way to edge your lawn.)

2. Hiding the AC Unit.

No one wants to sit in the yard (or on the deck or patio) and stare at the central air unit.

Find out how to make this cover to turn it into a design element instead of an eyesore here.

3. Banish Those Pesky Weeds!

Weeds can turn even the most perfect lawn into a nightmare.  A comprehensive guide to some of the most common weeds and how to get rid of them here.

Weed Identification Guide: So interesting! We have almost all of these weeds!

4. How To Landscape.

If you’re starting with a brand new yard and you’ve never landscaped before, it can be intimidating and a little overwhelming.  Option 1?  Call in the professionals.

But if you’re doing it yourself, this How to Landscape article has some very practical advice and helpful tips and there’s more advice here and here.

Landscape Gardening for Beginners: Most people never begin a new garden landscape because they don't know where to start. I Have 8 Gardening Landscape Tips for Beginners that will teach you How to Landscape. #seasonedhome

5. Oasis Under the Trees.

A great way to utilize the shade from those trees in the middle of the yard and make them a little easier to mow around.  HGTV has a tutorial on How to Build a Tree Encompassing Deck.  image source: Poppytalk


And just for fun.  This would be a stretch for most of us, but why just embrace the gold trend indoors? Or the antler trend for that matter. :-) (image source)


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2 Responses to The Friday 5: Tips and Ideas for A Great Yard

  1. Natalie May 8, 2015 at 3:04 pm #

    The A/C unit enclosure is really great and timely, since I was just talking with my sister an they need to get a new one. Interesting note, evidently the units are getting larger because of the increased efficiency so even more of a reason to cover them up!

    • Schneiderman's Furniture May 18, 2015 at 9:23 am #

      I agree. Nothing like sitting outside on a beautiful patio, staring at an AC unit – especially when there are so many clever ways to disguise them!


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