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NeoGeo at Home in Minnesota

At Schneiderman’s Furniture, we’re always excited by the latest trends in home design and this year’s furniture market in High Point did not disappoint.  Our buyer’s came back with tales of turquoise and tangerine–and a hot new trend called NeoGeo.

The wow factor of nature has inspired this contemporary trend with geological layering and mineral patterns showing up in home textiles and surfaces.  Stone patterns, wood textures, and wood grain patterns have been extrapolated and redesigned to add warmth to smooth and streamlined modern design.

We’ve already begun to incorporate this trend into our showrooms, with more coming very soon. The mineral gray, grain textured upholstery on this Solaris sofa from Flexsteel embodies this trend.Image


This wrapped canvas has a concentric design and color palette reminiscent of a wood grain or tortoise shell.  Very in keeping with the NeoGeo trend.



We saw even more new trends at High Point.  Stay Tuned!



Rise of Glam at Schneiderman’s Furniture

A Glam look has been trending on and off since the Rat Pack ruled Hollywood.  Inspired in part by art deco, a glam look is characterized by luxurious materials, neutral color palettes, lots of texture, and glitzy finishes.  Mirrored pieces, golds and other metallics, thick furs, and glossy woods all combine to create a glamorous look reminiscent of classic Hollywood.  At Schneiderman’s Furniture, we strive to provide a wide range of styles and we have recently received pieces perfect to add a touch of glam to your home decor.

Caracole King Bed from Schnadig

The Caracole King Bed from Schnadig has luxurious fabric panels on the side rails and footboard.  The headboard design is raised fabric panels with deeply finished wood inlay.  Just standing next to this bed will make you feel like you’re in a glamorous hotel.  And now you can bring this feeling home.  Simply stunning.

Tommy Bahama Royal Kahala chairUpdated glam, the glossy black wood finish combines with a cut velvet patterned cushion in this fantastic chair from Lexington’s Tommy Bahama Royal Kahala collection. The curving shapes on the backs and sides of the chair are reminiscent of the lyric patterns in Art Deco pieces and the upholstery pattern has classic roots. Luxury, texture, neutral palette.

Casbah Sectional King Hickory The Casbah Sectional from King Hickory is another stunning example of modern glam.  Silky oyster chenille, deep down cushions, and fringed accent pillows in neutral, textured animal prints create luxury in your great room or living room.  It’s too beautiful to sit on and too comfortable to miss – perfect glam!

Find these glam looks and more at Schneiderman’s Furniture in Plymouth, Lakeville, Roseville, Duluth, and Woodbury Minnesota (pieces shown at select MN furniture stores).

Help! My Cat Ate My Tree!

When the holiday season approaches, I start to see a ton of great ideas in stores and online for decorating.  The problem is that most seem to center on some sort of greenery.  Not that I hate the smell of pine or anything, but my cat eats trees.  And plants of all sort.

There are actually many good reasons for people to choose not to bring a tree inside.  Some have the Sheldon Cooper Big Bang Theory attitude, calling a Christmas tree a “spider-infested fire hazard,” but some people just would rather forgo the expense and mess of a live tree.  So what, besides the artificial tree option, are the choices?

Here are a few ideas culled from the interweb – great options if you’re looking for some alternative Christmas decor!

The collection put up on the wall could be anything from flatter ornaments to small framed pics to vending machine toys.  I love the colorful look!  If you’re going to do this, consider the white space around each item and make sure to place larger pieces sporadically.  I think this would be a cool approach for permanent larger wall art anytime – just form a different shape!  Painter’s tape in your chosen shape will help you control the placement and make sure your tree isn’t crooked!

Talk about cost effective!  This is a wood ladder, strung with lights and ornaments.  What a stunning idea for a large space!  I wouldn’t try it with a yellow plastic ladder though.  The color might be a bit strong.

This is my fave – a 3D tree-shaped ornament mobile.  It looks like someone photoshopped the tree out of the picture!  The instructions for this fabulous DIY look are at http://www.notmartha.org/archives/2010/12/20/christmas-tree-ornament-mobile/.  (By the way, in searching for this topic, I found NotMartha, a new fave DIY blog.  Check it out for a ton of fun craft and decor ideas that don’t require you to churn your own butter.)

Very hip, very cool, very modern.  And just think about the cool look from the side with all the book cover colors cascading down the shape.

Another cool reuse of household item into decor.  This is a vintage clothes drying rack with ornaments hung on ribbons.  Very cool and a great way to show off your ornament collection.

So, if you, like many others, love decorating for the holidays but hesitate over the tree, come out of hiding!  There are a ton of ways to decorate without making the dog sick on sugary tree water or chasing the newly walking toddler away from the light strings!




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