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Playful: the New Home Buzzword

There’s nothing like a sense of fun in your life – why not bring that into your home?  More and more, bright color palettes and whimsical touches are cropping up in interior design.  Thoughtful and interesting details that say ‘we love our home but we don’t take this design stuff too seriously’ are all the rage in interior design now.  

Why not put cocktail umbrellas all over the ceiling?  ImageIt’s fun and interesting and provides a great texture and pop of color.  I can guarantee you that it would be the first thing I talked about upon leaving the bathroom at a friend’s dinner party.  And who’s to say that awesome wallpaper is too busy? ImageThe neutral palette and textures of the rest of the space make that wallpaper all the art that is needed.  And the colors and pattern are fantastic!  

So how can you achieve a playful and whimsical space?  At Schneiderman’s Furniture, we have tons of great options, from colorful accent chairs to fabulous art and gorgeous throw pillows, our designers can inject a bright and fun atmosphere into any space in your home. 



Geometry at Home

The bane of many middle- and high-school students, the study of geometry is a seemingly endless series of ‘proofs’ and an early introduction to academic logic.  At home, however, geometry is a design tool, used to bring order and stability to a wide variety of design styles.  Just take a peek at these examples:

geometry2 Home-Gardens garrow-kedigian-ed12-2011-04 garrow kedigian elle decor

Whether you used geometry in the furnishings, accessories, tiling or wall coverings, these images show that a variety of scale and color allow this design element to be tailored to your style.

One of our fave (and bestselling!) rug manufacturers, Surya, has some interesting impressions about geometry in interior design.

Fashionista? Translate your style to your home.

It’s no secret that furnishing and home trends follow closely behind fashion trends.  Although the home decor world moves a little more slowly, it is every bit a world of fashion and style.  Here are some trends from the 2013 runways, translated into furniture.   (Fashion images from Vogue.com – designers noted to give proper credit for their stunning work!)

L’Wren Scott and chair by Fusion

Choose an element or elements from the original design and look for pieces that have similar colors, textures, patterns, etc.  This chair is a particularly great match because the straight, tailored lines of the frame echo the streamlined, tailored skirt and jacket.  Add a great black, high gloss table and a splash of red with a picture frame, artwork, pillow or throw and you’ve got the look.

Miu Miu and rug by Jaipur

The textures and richness of the textiles in this great look from Miu Miu are echoed in the rug shown.  Add some leather seating in a butterscotch (like the gloves) and deep, high gloss wood furniture with contemporary, Asian-inspired lines and your room will be runway ready.

Alexander McQueen and table by Lexington

The McQueen design shown has these great layered textures and a variety of open grid patterns in different scales.  The Sculptura table from Lexington uses the strong, graphic assymetric grid to give it movement and strength.  Add a tortoise-shell lamp with a black, textured shade and a shiny black leather chair to complete this strong look.

For these and other looks, visit us at www.schneidermans.com.




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