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Father’s Day Gift Idea: The Perfect Reclining Chair

modern black reclining chair for dad - loft living space
naples coffee recliner | console

Father’s Day is a week away and some of you are still trying to answer the question – “What gift should we get for Dad?”

Of course the answer to that question really depends on your dad, because each one is unique. Some are athletic, some are not.   Some are outdoorsy, while others are most comfortable inside.  Some may be super techie – while others avoid technology.  Some… Ok. you get the idea.

So, at first glance, it seems that there really couldn’t be one gift that would be a perfect fit for every Dad.

Or is there?

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Fundamentals – Technology at Home

If using technology at home to separate ourselves from our housemates and families is a bad idea (Hint: it is), then how can we integrate technology into our furniture and interiors to complement our lives?  Here are a few pieces we show at Schneiderman’s that can do just this.

Charging Station in your Home Office

I don’t know about you, but at my house there are chargers everywhere.  The phone charger in the kitchen, another in the bedroom.  The camera charger buried in a drawer (heaven knows where – I have to find that one of these days), and the game/iTouch/iPad chargers in the middle of the floor in whatever room they were last used.  I love the idea of a neat and simple solution to control the cords and corral the devices.

Another Charging location

This charging dock does not pre-suppose room for a home office.  I do love the idea of having everything in one place – and having the cords right in the drawer means I don’t have to look at them.  Ever.

My Lazy Favorite

A HUGE trend in family room seating right now is power reclining.  Not everyone knows this is readily available.  But to recline without yanking on a lever is sheer bliss.  And it has the benefit of confusing the cat.


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