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Glam on a budget!

We all can have problems finishing our rooms. Usually because we blow the budget on the larger furniture pieces – the things that need to last and get the most wear and tear.  That is not necessarily a bad thing!  Sometimes ads give us unreasonable expectations about the value of a quality piece of furniture and we discover the piece we want is a little more than we bargained for.  In reality, sometimes the finishing touches either need some creative funding or need to wait.  But stopping at a new sofa or bed is not always going to give the satisfaction of a new room.  So what’s a girl to do?  Check out this video – great tips on bargain and remainder shopping to finish a space on budget!

And don’t forget to visit the designer’s blog as thanks for posting this great video!  Stay tuned for information on the newest line of accessories from Schneiderman’s Furniture – so affordable and incredibly cute!

Spicy Spaces

One, just one element can move a space from ‘eh’ to ‘awesome’.  So which one?  And how do you decide?

Try a funky paint color, cool fabric, awesome rug, eye-catching lamp, or even one brave furniture purchase.  Take a look at the spaces below and see if you can find the Thing that makes them notable.

Headboard!  Headboard!  Headboard!

Headboard! Headboard! Headboard!

At first glance, this space could be just about any luxury hotel room. Very nice finishes, but devoid of real personality.  And, as fun as that graphic bedding is, it is the headboard that is really eye-catching.  The scale, color, and style all demand attention, with a subtle nod to the color spread around the room (chair upholstery and lampshades) for balance.

Hot Pink Graphic Fabric

Hot Pink Graphic Fabric

In this case, the dining space has personality from not only a great color addition, but a great pattern.  The high contrast, large scale graphic fabric (repeated from the window treatments to the bench), immediately pulls your eye to the great architecture of the space.  Adding the color with an accent wall reinforces its importance in the room.

What do both these spaces have in common?  One bold element that makes the space memorable.  Looking to make an impression with your home?  One brave decision is all you need!

New Year, New Site!

We’ve been working feverishly over here at Schneiderman’s Furniture, making our New Year’s Resolutions come true!  Okay, so we’ve been wanting to upgrade the images on our website, www.schneidermans.com, for quite awhile, and we are finally making progress!

Why is this so important, you ask?  Well, most furniture stores, us included, rely on manufacturers to provide high quality product images for our websites.  The problem is that the quality is inconsistent, the angles and lighting are inconsistent, and some manufacturers don’t see a need to provide their vendors with a way to advertise product.  Plus, when you’re playing in the internet sandbox, the only difference between a huge national brand and a small, family-owned local business is the quality of the site.  The internet levels the field for us locals.

To this end, we have undertaken the massive project of photographing all our product.  Here is a short video portrayal of just one of the photography days:

Thank you to Jason Brown Photography in Bloomington, MN!  Your quality of images and professionalism are to be admired.  Here’s looking forward to a long working relationship!


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