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A Minnesota Casual Bedroom (3 Looks You’ll Love)


The bedroom.  Whether it’s big or small, neutral or colorful, it’s always the one place that we hope we can count on for rest and relaxation at the end of the day. It’s also the next room that we’re touring in our Minnesota Casual Home series!

As you know, no matter what your style of choice there is always more than one way to interpret it.  You start with the basic defining elements of the style and then make choices based on your personal preferences and design taste.


Because of that, we’ve decided to explore 3 different looks in today’s bedroom post.  Each one definitely has the relaxed and inviting Minnesota Casual feel, but their own, slightly different, look.

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Get the Look: Minnesota Casual

Get the Look - Minnesota Casual. Love this moodboard!
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We Minnesotans are known for being nice.   Many of us also like to think that we’re approachable, comfortable to be around, somewhat practical, and stylish but not overboard.

When it comes to our homes, especially the rooms where we spend a good portion of our time, we want them to be that way too.  Approachable and comfortable.  Family friendly, and not too stuffy or overdone.

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Schneiderman’s New Store in Rochester MN – Update

Schneiderman's new store in Rochester MN opens August 8, 2014!

Our new store in Rochester MN will be opening on Friday, August 8th!

Our team there has been working hard to get everything in place, and they took these “work-in-progress” pics for us to share with you.

The image above shows the front of the store, a section of the Sleep Center, and various furniture vignettes as they were getting set up. And we love the one below that they took of the letters for the sign laying in front of the store prior to installation.

Schneiderman's new store opened in Rochester MN August 8, 2014

For those of you interested in working with us, we are having a Career Fair this coming Wednesday, August 6, from 10am-7pm at the new store – 4540 Main Ave SE, Rochester MN.  Check out our Career Page for more information.

Have a great Saturday!


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