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5 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Bed

a made bed creates a sense of order and calm
Bed with Miramar Comforter Set | Schneiderman’s

Did you know that there is a National Make Your Bed Day?   There is!  We decided that if it was important enough to actually make a day for, then it must be important enough to post about.  (Of course, there really seems to a day for just about everything, so…)

Is it really that important to set aside time every day for this simple task?  Many believe that it is, and that it can add to your quality of life.

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How To Shop For A Mattress

How to Shop for A Mattress

Getting a good night’s rest is critical to feeling good and functioning well (most of us should spend almost 1/3 of our day sleeping), so having the right mattress is very important.

It’s unfortunate then that most people put off shopping for a mattress until long after they really need one.  They just “get by” with the one they have because shopping seems overwhelming.

We agree that there are a lot of options out there, and not everyone is appropriate for you, but the process can be fairly simple if you have the right information and plan ahead.

Some things to consider and tips to help you:
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Schneiderman’s Furniture Offers Nationwide Delivery!

You may know that Schneiderman’s Furniture has a $99 delivery service available anywhere in Minnesota, but did you know that we also ship anywhere in the U.S.?

White glove delivery service ($299) is available to the 48 contiguous United States!

So whether you live here but have a second home elsewhere, live in another state but love our products, or want to purchase a furniture or home decor gift for someone out of state and have it delivered, we can deliver!

Get the full details here.

*Updated 6/3/2015 for accuracy


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