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Radiant Orchid – 2014 Color of the Year

The entire design world is buzzing with the recent announcement of Pantone’s 2014 Color of the Year, Radiant Orchid.  This fuschia shade is a follow-up to the buzz of pastels we saw at this year’s High Point Furniture Market but with some energy and optimism.

So far, most of the discussion has been around the color itself, but at Schneiderman’s, our focus is on how you can incorporate the latest and greatest trends into your home.  We think this is an excellent shade soften the industrial edges that are trending in furniture now. Here are some products, currently at our showrooms, that will bring some radiance to your space.

ImageHarlequin Magenta Rug by Surya

The Harlequin Magenta Rug will add 2014’s pop of color to your deep espresso or black leather sofa. Using a trending color, pattern or texture in an accessory will refresh and update your living room, great room, family room or even dining room space while still being an easy piece to change in the future.


This floral pillows combines a orchid-like pink with another of this year’s hottest trends – metallics.  Pair with your creamy linen upholstery group or toss onto the master bed to add just a touch of trend to your classic room design.



Radiant Orchid adds a touch of whimsy and romance to this traditional, neutral palette.

As with most trends, there are many ways to work Radiant Orchid into your space.  All the products here are available at Schneiderman’s Furniture in Minnesota (MN) with showrooms around the St. Paul and Minneapolis metro area and now selling at schneidermans.com.

Ode to the Chat Group

I have a confession: I am totally in love with the chat group.

Commonly, this is four chairs surrounding a cocktail ottoman or low table.  The arrangement conjures up images of women in flower bedecked hats drinking tea or even something stronger, but it can be a great way to fight the tv-centric seating arrangements we are getting more and more used to.

Take the sun room or four season porch for example.  Usually, this is an additional seating space adjacent to a great room or family room that already houses a television. What if this space  became about conversation, reading with your feet up, or relaxing with a morning coffee?  More than this, it can be a great way to use space.

I used the room planner at Schneidermans.com to show off a great way to use this arrangement.

Here is a pretty typical, tv centric space where the tv is mounted over the fireplace

Compared to

This arrangement still has some great views for the fireplace and tv (better than the first, in fact, but the entire room isn’t about that.

Perfect chat group pieces aren’t hard to find.  Small, comfy swivel chairs and a round storage ottoman are ideal.  If you would like a more formal arrangement, try something like the Social Butterfly collection from Schnadig.

Social Butterfly Chair

Social Butterfly Chair

Social Butterfly Ottoman

Social Butterfly Ottoman

Technology in Our Homes

There’s a HUGE trend now toward integrating technology into our homes.  But how much is too much?

Have you ever spent the entire work day emailing, blogging and researching online only to go home and realize there’s a stack of bills waiting for online payments, a message from your parents wanting to Skype with their grandkids, and a pile of Facebook messages to answer? My entire work-day is spent in front of a computer screen, so the last thing I want to see when I get home is my computer.

Some technologies are welcome and helpful at home – like the chips that can text you when the power goes out or the pipes burst.  Some technologies are necessary.  But some can be intrusive.  Will my life really get better if my toilet can tell me my electrolyte balance?  Or if my dining room table knows who is sitting where?  Or if my furniture becomes a self-enclosed entertainment center?  What would it do to my family if our only furniture was four of these lined up in a huge room?  Or worse, separated into our own private rooms?

Self-contained entertainment furniture

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of technology.  Technology is what I do, how I communicate, and how I have fun.  But does it really have to be how I eat, sleep, and breathe as well?

There is a way for technology to be integrated into furniture on a practical, helpful, and non-intrusive level.  Stay tuned!


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