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How to Create and Hang A Gallery Wall

How to Create and Hang A Gallery Wall

This creative wall display provided such an interesting welcome in the entry of this hotel that I just had to snap a picture of it!  Rich with color and history, it reminded again of how much I love a good gallery wall.

From coordinated and organized to funky and eclectic these types of walls are a unique and versatile way to decorate, but they do require a little planning.

Gallery Wall at HPMKT | Photo: Schneiderman’s

Here are a few things to think about when pulling yours together:

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Inspired By Color: Gray + Red

The inspiration image for today’s color scheme is such a great study in contrast!  Crisp red accents are a simple yet arresting and energetic burst of color against the beautifully weathered wood in shades of gray.  Warm and inviting with the sense that it has a story to tell.

rustic-gray-exterior with red accents

In this color scheme, red is definitely the dominant player, even in small doses. Bold, inviting, energetic, and dramatic, it’s typically not a color that can be easily ignored.

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