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Texture with Wall Tiles

From pattern to texture, there are a ton of ways to address every piece and surface in your home.  While textured wall tiles may not be the most practical solution for a child’s room or bathroom (cleaning all those surfaces, ick!), what a great idea for an accent wall in an entry way or dining room!

There are literally thousands of options out there if you are looking to add some texture to your walls.  Here are some ideas:


Better Homes and Gardens Quick

Dunes Gold Coast Quick

See more great options and shop for 3D wall panels here.  Good luck!

Consider a Patterned Sofa!

I know, I know, everyone remembers the patterned sofas of the 70’s and 80’s.  Brown and orange plaids gave way to mauve and blue florals in a stunning style 180.

But not all patterned sofas are dated.  In fact, after years of microfibers, people are starting to revolt…in a big way.

Patterns don’t have to be overwhelming and the simple, neutral palette in this space ensures that the sofa is the star of the show, in a good way.  More patterns, and color, could also be mixed into the room for a different look.


A large scale stripe is also a great option for a sofa because, again, the pattern is not overwhelming and stripes easily mix with a variety of other patterns.

Royal Kahala Sofa | Schneidermans Furniture

Royal Kahala Sofa | Schneiderman’s Furniture

Would you consider a pattern the next time you’re looking at upholstered furniture?  The right piece could liven up your space!

PS – Make sure you ask about the manufacturer’s skill level with upholstery.  Some are better than others at matching tough patterns, like stripes and plaids, and the last thing you want is an upside down flower or bird right in the middle of the sofa back!

*updated 8/27/15

The Perfect Chair

What makes the Perfect Chair?  Is it that fabulous leather or fabric you just can’t live without?  Is it about family memories, like Grandma’s rocker or Dad’s recliner?  At Schneiderman’s, the Perfect Chair is all about comfort and wellness.  Human Touch, the maker of the world’s most fabulous massage chair, was inspired by NASA to create the Zero Gravity Perfect Chair.  As our favorite budding weblebrity Chad explains in the following video, the Perfect Chair allows you to feel weightless, elevates your feet above your heart for increased circulation, and literally allows the weight of the world to fall off your shoulders.  And anywhere else that may be feeling that weight.


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