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Furnishing Your Home: 6 Ways To Use a Bench

A bench is such a verstile piece of furniture. Love this rustic one with leather upholstered top!
Metalworks Bench

Some pieces of furniture that we buy, such as a sofa or a bed, are made for pretty specific uses and room(s) in the house.

Others are more versatile and able to be used in multiple ways and places, and the bench is definitely one of those. It has great longevity in that it may start in one place in the house, but then be moved from room to room over time depending on where it’s needed the most.

There’s almost always somewhere that you can benefit from one these versatile pieces, so they never outgrow their usefulness.

Here are some ways that you may want to use them in your home:

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15 Creative Ways to Design or Decorate Around the TV

master bedroom - decorate around the TV with folding barn doors close to hide them
Builder: Stonewood LLC | Photo: PK/Schneiderman’s

TVs are so much less bulky than they used to be, but they can still be tricky to design around.  A TV is typically black and, unless you’re painting your walls black, which is an option, or completely hiding it, it’s not going to disappear.

That’s a problem when we want the TV to be easily visible from anywhere in the room, but don’t want it to seem like it’s the focal point.

We’ve pulled together some ideas to help you decorate around the TV and incorporate it into your room’s design:

1. Use a wall unit with matching hutch or bookcases.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate the TV into your space is to use an entertainment console that includes a hutch or matching bookshelves..

This is a cohesive look that allows you to have extra storage as well as places to display your favorite accessories.

2. Start with a media console or chest and get creative.

One of my favorite ways to incorporate the TV is by starting with a great looking entertainment console or chest that highlights your design style and creatively add to it.

We have so many options at Schneiderman’s – some so new they haven’t even made it to the website yet!

Start with a media console and decorate around the TV
SHOP: Rustic Entertainment Console

Once you have your console in place,
here are some ways to design around it…

a. Soften the transition: Here the softness of the window treatments helps ease the transition from TV to wall/window, and repeating the black and white color scheme ties everything together.


b. Add accessories:  The lamps and rustic box with hydrangeas work to soften the area around and under the TV, making it feel more cozy and inviting.

Thrifty Decor Chick

c. Create a gallery wall: Gallery walls are a fun way to decorate around the TV and display a collection of your favorite photos or artwork at the same time.  (Notice that Emily A. Clark used touches of black on the frames, lamp shade trim and pillow to help tie the black TV in.)

d. Add shelves: Adding the shelves brings another level of interest to a gallery wall and the stained wood ties it together with the console.


e. Build a niche:  So clever to combine the feel of built-ins with the more interesting look of your favorite entertainment console, chest or hutch for a unique look.

Here they’ve used two chests side by side.

Candice Olson Designs – HGTV

3. Out of sight.

We’re loving the way our new sliding barn door entertainment unit incorporates the statement-making barn door trend!

This great option allows you to leave the sliding barn doors open for TV viewing or close them when you want the TV out of sight.

SHOP this Barn Door Entertainment Unit

4. Above the fireplace.

Putting the TV above the fireplace can sometimes be a good option, if it works well with your room layout, furniture placement, and fireplace setup, because it combines two focal points into one.

a. In plain sight: In this example, the TV is in plain sight but softened slightly by the warm gray walls (less contrast).

image source

b. Cover it: Using artwork or doors (as shown in the first image in this post) to completely hide the TV is a great option.

Blue Tangerine Art – Houzz

c. Mirror it: Combining the TV with a mirror is an interesting way to disguise it, and there are variety of options out there for doing it.

Suera – Candice Olson Design – Houzz

d. Frame it:  Remodelaholic went with a more rustic look and made her own TV frame.

e. Build it in:  No need to decorate around the TV here, since the TV cubby is part of the design of this fireplace and, with the exception of the hinges, is barely noticeable!

Country Living

5. In the built-ins.

Another way to combine focal points, and make the TV a cohesive part of your room’s design, is to add it to your custom built-ins.

Here the TV is part of the focal point, but it’s off to the side, so it’s not attracting quite as much attention.

image source

Even though there is high contrast between the TV and built-in here, the repetition of black, charcoal and white helps make the TV a more cohesive part of the space.

They’ve taken the additional step of painting the backs of the built-ins which helps tie it in even more.

House of Turquoise

6. The layered look.

Frame the TV with an interesting picture frame and then add layers like they did here.

Placing a bench in front of a console table and layering on the art and accessories adds dimension and a creative flair.


7. Creative custom solution.

We’ve talked about a lot of great ways to decorate around the TV in this post, but this might be one of the most creative! Great example of thinking outside the box!


8.  More inspiration!

Visit our How To Decorate page (below) to find more solutions for design dilemmas, design tips, decorating ideas, room inspiration and more!


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