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Simple Ways to Ease into Fall Decorating

Fall decorating - the warm colors of autumn

It’s mid-September and the calendar says that fall will be here in a few short days!  It’s that time – when even the die-hard summer lovers like myself start to make the shift.

We’re lured by the thought of mildly warm days followed by crisp cool nights. Jeans and sweaters. Colorful leaves. Bonfires and s’mores (remember those?).

Even with all of those great things to look forward to, when shorter fall days start to push us indoors it may be a little hard to take.

Here are some simple, inviting fall decorating touches that will draw you inside and ease the transition…

1. Up the cozy quotient.

Swap summer’s cotton and linen for thicker, more textural fabrics like soft chenille, velvet, fur and cable knit.   Change up accent pillows and add cozy throws to ward off the impending evening chill.

Layer area rugs , or add new rugs if none are existing, for additional texture and warmth in your space.

Fall decorating - add cozy texture

2. Warm up your color palette.

Accenting with autumn colors in pillows, throws, rugs, window treatments and accessories is a simple change that can pack a punch.  (For even more impact, consider adding an accent chair or ottoman in a fall color.)

Not a fan of the autumn color palette?  Swap out summer whites and light neutrals for warmer shades of both, and add deeper hues of your favorite summer colors.

DIY Painted Gourds

3. Bring on the glow.

There’s just something about the warm glow of a flame that spells cozy. Whether it’s from a fireplace, a fireplace alternative, or just a simple grouping of candles.

town-n-country-living candles
Town-n-Country Living

(If you’re not a fan of the flame, try this creative suggestion from Midwest Living:    Fill a large bowl or wire basket with logs and weave battery-powered orange twinkle lights throughout to create a glow!)

4. Bring the outside in.

You may not be ready yet for full-on fall decorating – like a house full of orange pumpkins – but simple touches of natural elements from the outdoors will help add interesting variety and a touch of autumn to your decor.

Midwest Living

5. Opt for autumn aromas.

Use candles with an autumn scent when you’re bringing on the glow, or simmer an autumn potpourri on the stove.  Not technically decorating but still a very simple and enticing element to add to your fall transition bag of tricks.

fall decorating - yummy-smells-of-the-fall-season



– 1 large orange
– 1 large apple
– 2 or 3 cinnamon sticks (depending on size)

Add 1 or more optional add-ins to suit your scent “taste”:
– Cloves
– Vanilla extract
– Allspice
– Nutmeg
– Lemon peel


Add base ingredients plus add-ins of choice to a small to medium size pan. Add water to cover + (approximately 3-4 cups).

Heat and simmer for as long as you like!  Keep an eye on the water level and temp, of course, so that the pan doesn’t boil dry.


Have you started your fall decorating? How do you add the cozy to your living spaces?


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