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The Friday 5: Recipes, Road Trips and Stressless – Oh My!

If you’re new here, welcome to The Friday 5!  Sometimes random, sometimes not, but always five things that we think you might be inspired by, find helpful or just might like to know.

1. Apple trees usually start blossoming around mid-May and it can be a pretty spectacular sight. If you agree, you may want to schedule one of the drives they talk about here and here.


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Our Favorite Furniture For Football Season!

September not only brings the transition to fall, but it’s also the start of a new football season. While football watchers run the gamut from die-hard fans to those that just like being with family and friends enjoying good food, we all have one thing in common. We want to be comfortable while watching the game!



We thought it might be fun to poll some of our team members with this question: “If you could choose one piece of furniture to watch the football game from this weekend, what would it be?” There was a wide variety of choices, but they all had one thing in common – comfort!

Here’s the scoop:

Schneidermans Stressless and ReVive Chairs

Debbie: “I like the Stressless Orion Chair. It’s my “go-to” chair and it’s healthy for my neck and back.”

Alice: “The Stressless Mayfair Chair would be my top choice. Super comfortable!”

Natalie: “The Natuzzi Re-Vive chair because I love the look and the comfort is amazing!”

Schneidermans Furniture Sofas

Will: “The Dream Leather Sofa because it’s so comfortable, and I want a leather sofa!”

Dana: “The new gray Julianna sofa that we just got in!  It’s not quite as deep as some, but still very comfy.  I like that you sit IN it, not ON it, and it hugs you.  The chenille fabric is super soft.” (The left image of the Julianna shows how you can change the look with a leather/fabric combination and the right image shows Dana’s pick – the gray chenille.)

Schneidermans Power Recline Theater Sectionals PNG

Nicole:  “The power recline theater sectional.  They’re super comfortable and functional, and seem like they belong with football!”

Brendan: “Our newest power recline theater sectional.  I like the dual cupholders, great head and lumbar support, flip arms and power reclining.  I’ve never felt a synthetic material that felt so much like top grain leather.”

Schneidermans Raleigh and Casbah Sectionals

Barb: “The Raleigh Sectional. It’s roomy with a cuddler corner to curl up in and has great fabric. I love that it’s deeper seated and has down cushions. It’s great to have the option to adjust the back cushions too!”

Chelle: “The Casbah Sectional. Lot’s of room for everyone to hang out on it, the fabric feels great and the down cushions make it super comfy.”

Schneidermans furniture chairs

Jason: “The Fandago Power Recliner because it’s so comfortable and I like the power reclining.

Mikki: “The Hero Chair and a Half because it’s a larger chair so you have options for how you use it. I can sit with my feet tucked up or lay in it or hang out on it with one of the kids.”

So many great options, and we only asked a fraction of our team members!

Are you ready for football? Where do you sit when you’re watching the game?

New Video – “The Chad” chair by Stressless

A chair that takes your stress away?  Schneiderman’s is proud to carry Stressless by Ekornes, an ergonomic recliner with many sizes and styles to fit many bodies.  Watch as our budding weblebrity Chad takes the Ekornes Comfort test with Ron Sterenson, a representative from Ekornes.  

To take your own Comfort Test, stop by our Lakeville, Plymouth or Woodbury locations today.


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