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How To Turn Your Master Bedroom Into A Restful Retreat

Dark and moody master bedroom retreat with warm colors and lots of texture
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Life can be crazy busy at times, and hectic schedules may keep us in high gear until late into the evening.  Even once we’re home, the house is active with meals, chores, and activities.

That’s why we all need a dedicated space that we can count on to wind down and relax.

Enter – the master  bedroom.  Here are some ideas for making it, and keeping it, a restful retreat:

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10 Ways To Use An Accent Chair

A blue accent chair that's packed with personality - unique shape and style

One of the pieces of furniture that I enjoy shopping for the most is definitely the accent chair.

It’s so much fun to browse the impressive array of sizes, shapes, styles and fabrics – some serious and straightforward, others totally unique and packed with personality, while still others walk the line between both.

One or two are the perfect way to add extra seating in the living or family room, of course, but there are so many great accent chair options that sometimes you might wish you could think of another place to add at least one more!

Here are some ideas:

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Adding Accent Colors to Neutral Spaces

It's so simple to swap accent colors in and out in a neutral space. Whether you like to try out trending colors or just decorate for holidays a neutral space makes a great backdrop.
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No matter how well-designed your neutral space is, after you’ve lived in it for a time you may feel the itch to switch things up a bit by adding in a little color.

Maybe you get bored easily, or just like to try out trending colors, or enjoy changing things out by season. Whatever your reason, neutral spaces can provide the perfect backdrop for adding accent colors.

Here are some ideas and things to consider:
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