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10 Ways To Use An Accent Chair

A blue accent chair that's packed with personality - unique shape and style

One of the pieces of furniture that I enjoy shopping for the most is definitely the accent chair.

It’s so much fun to browse the impressive array of sizes, shapes, styles and fabrics – some serious and straightforward, others totally unique and packed with personality, while still others walk the line between both.

One or two are the perfect way to add extra seating in the living or family room, of course, but there are so many great accent chair options that sometimes you might wish you could think of another place to add at least one more!

Here are some ideas:

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Cozy Nook(s): Get the Look

A great mix of neutral texture in this cozy nook

There’s just something about a cozy nook, isn’t there?

The things we do there – relaxing with our morning coffee, reading, creating, web surfing, or whatever it is that you do – could all probably just as easily be done somewhere else.

But doing these things in a special, designated spot seems to elevate normal activities (or inactivity) and make them that much more enjoyable.

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Lakeside Cottage Living Room

One of our latest living room designs was in a home that really wasn’t lakeside, but the design team wanted to make it feel as if it was.   Nothing too themed or literal, but a refined, yet relaxed, lakeside cottage feel.

We love the way it came together.

lakeside cottage living room in neutrals with sandy tones reminiscent of the beach
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