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How To Hang Art: Simple Tips and Numbers to Know

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Have you ever been really excited about a great piece, or several pieces, of art that you purchased – until you got home and thought, “I’m not really sure how to hang this.  Now what?  Help!”

Using just a few basic guidelines can actually make it pretty simple…

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Creative Decorating: Making Your Art Stand Out

Sometimes you like your art so much that just hanging it on the wall won’t do. You’re looking for that little something extra to make it stand out.

Here are two simple ideas to get you there:

1. Paint pop.

Make your art a focal point by framing it out, large or small, with paint.

This also works when you have a piece that is just a little too small for the space. Framing the art with paint instantly gives it more presence.

Quick and Easy Paint Projects | Midwest Living
(Midwest Living).


2. Back it up.

Autumn from Design Dump used metal screens to back some photos for a client’s office. It’s a unique and interesting industrial look that would work great as a backdrop for canvas or framed art!

Autumn mounted a client's art work to this metal screen - love the industrial look and it makes the art stand out!

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What creative ways have you used to make your art stand out?


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