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One Nook, Two Looks – Changing Your Space With Accessories

One nook, two looks - changing your space with accessories

You got a peek at one of these vignettes in our Room Solutions – Dining Room Design Tips video, but what you didn’t see in the video was that same nook styled a little differently.

Seeing the two together is a nice visual of how accessories really can change the look and mood of a space.

NOOK #1:

In this vignette we have a mostly neutral color palette with a touch of blue.

The muted landscape provides a nice backdrop for the accessories on the sideboard and a textural woven rug gives some softness against the hardwood floors.

One nook, two looks - changing your space with accessories
Meadow sideboard | Connor chair

The curves of the accessories play well with the curves of the tufted chair, and a rustic vibe is created with distressed wood, iron, and books without covers.

The accessories, along with the more traditional lamp shade and ottoman, lean this vignette in a more traditional direction.

NOOK #2:

In the second vignette our design team added an energetic pop of orange with the artwork and repeated the color in the vases.

One nook, two looks - changing your space with accessories

The curves in the lamp and vases still compliment the curves of the chair, but the pieces are clean and simple and lend a touch of contemporary to the space.

The off-white and wood lamp is a nice contrast against the orange artwork and the grasses nicely compliment the organic feel of the acacia sideboard.

It’s really interesting, isn’t it, the difference a few accessories can make?  Which nook is your favorite?

You can always find a great variety of artwork and accessories in our stores, and the selection is constantly rotating so it’s fun to see what’s new!

Playful: the New Home Buzzword

There’s nothing like a sense of fun in your life – why not bring that into your home?  More and more, bright color palettes and whimsical touches are cropping up in interior design.  Thoughtful and interesting details that say ‘we love our home but we don’t take this design stuff too seriously’ are all the rage in interior design now.  

Why not put cocktail umbrellas all over the ceiling?  ImageIt’s fun and interesting and provides a great texture and pop of color.  I can guarantee you that it would be the first thing I talked about upon leaving the bathroom at a friend’s dinner party.  And who’s to say that awesome wallpaper is too busy? ImageThe neutral palette and textures of the rest of the space make that wallpaper all the art that is needed.  And the colors and pattern are fantastic!  

So how can you achieve a playful and whimsical space?  At Schneiderman’s Furniture, we have tons of great options, from colorful accent chairs to fabulous art and gorgeous throw pillows, our designers can inject a bright and fun atmosphere into any space in your home. 



Glam on a budget!

We all can have problems finishing our rooms. Usually because we blow the budget on the larger furniture pieces – the things that need to last and get the most wear and tear.  That is not necessarily a bad thing!  Sometimes ads give us unreasonable expectations about the value of a quality piece of furniture and we discover the piece we want is a little more than we bargained for.  In reality, sometimes the finishing touches either need some creative funding or need to wait.  But stopping at a new sofa or bed is not always going to give the satisfaction of a new room.  So what’s a girl to do?  Check out this video – great tips on bargain and remainder shopping to finish a space on budget!

And don’t forget to visit the designer’s blog as thanks for posting this great video!  Stay tuned for information on the newest line of accessories from Schneiderman’s Furniture – so affordable and incredibly cute!


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