A Summer Home That’s Cool, Calm, and Collected

summer home - cool, calm, and collected master bedroom with white tufted headboard

Pretty much everyone agrees that summer is fun. Like, really fun. But it can also be crazy busy.  And there are days when it’s sweltering hot.

So when you hit home after a particularly blistering weekend of camping, or retreat indoors after an oppressively humid day at the family picnic, cool, calm, and collected sounds pretty appealing.  A space to escape the sun and rejuvenate.

Here are 3 ways you may not have thought of to help make your space an inviting oasis this summer:


Air conditioning is likely to be number one on the list for summer home cooling options but, in my opinion, white should be a close second.

White’s refreshing crispness instantly adds cool serenity to any space.  White walls, white furniture, white curtains, white accents and accessories… any or all of these will work.

And if you have, or are considering, dark furniture don’t shy away from pairing it with white.  White is a perfect counterpoint to leather, warm woods, and textured or darker fabrics.

island and counter stools


There’s something about symmetry that brings a sense of balance and order to a room.  It’s  uniformity and consistency are calming both to the eye and the senses.

Whether it’s matching nightstands and bedside lighting  (like this amazing bedroom), furnishing the ends of your dining table with matching chairs, or flanking the fireplace with identical cabinets and matching art, give symmetry a try this summer.

white furniture - serene master bedroom with amazing white tufted headboard
brando bed


Disorder definitely detracts from any effort to create calm and soothing spaces.  But it’s easy to collect the clutter and contain the chaos with storage pieces.

Add an accent chest in the entryway, store often-needed items out of sight in living room storage tables, or pop a storage ottoman at the end of your bed.

Entryway with white furniture - accent chest and mirror
urban elevation chest

Incorporate one or all of these ideas into your home this summer and you’re sure to notice a difference!

And if you need white furniture and accents, or storage furniture for your summer retreat, be sure to visit our website and shop our showrooms.

For more decorating tips and ideas, visit our HOW TO DECORATE page!

2 Responses to A Summer Home That’s Cool, Calm, and Collected

  1. Natalie June 16, 2018 at 9:06 am #

    I can totally relate to this post! I recently painted my kitchen Hirshfields #0215 Herare White and in the process decided to also paint the adjoining living room the same color even though it was already quite light. What I thought would make a small difference made a huge impact throughout the space. Everything feels so much better and definitely gives the space a cool crisp feeling when you walk into my home. Great advice!

    • PK June 16, 2018 at 9:23 am #

      It is amazing what a difference white paint makes, isn’t it? And even though you may already logically know it will be a transformation, it’s still always such a pleasant surprise when you actually see what a difference it makes! :-) thanks for commenting!


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