Out and About: Schneiderman’s New Lakeville Showroom

rendering of Schneiderman's new Lakeville showroom

It’s finally Spring!   A season that so many of us start looking forward to not long after winter starts.  Partly because of somewhat warmer temps that let us know that patio time won’t be far behind, and partly because it’s a season of growth and renewal that feels optimistic and ripe with possibilities.

So I thought it would be fitting to dedicate our first post of Spring 2017 to a fresh and exciting new project that’s already well underway at Schneiderman’s.

After 32 years in Lakeville, over 20 of which were at our Juniper Path store, we’re very excited to be building our new 2-story Lakeville showroom – scheduled to open this spring!

looking to the left - Schneiderman's new Lakeville showroom

The new showroom, located west of 35 on Kenyon Avenue, is larger and more modern than the space we were previously leasing, and we’re looking forward to the functionality, space, and visibility it will provide.

I had the opportunity to visit the site last week, and I snapped some pictures so that you could get a peek at our progress.

partial front view - Schneiderman's new Lakeville showroom

The showroom  is definitely impressive – all 112,000 square feet of it – with an exterior that beautifully combines clean lines, white contrasted against warm limestone, and glass.

Those windows, though.

And did I mention glass?  I know I did, but really.  All. Those. Windows.  They’re one of my favorite parts so far.

installing the glass - Schneiderman's new Lakeville Showroom

They’re so striking from the outside, and they provide a large dose of welcoming light once you’re inside the showroom.   I can imagine that they’ll be just as impressive lit up at night.

impressive expanse of glass in Schneiderman's new Lakeville showroom

There are north and south windows, as well, that span both floors in the open stairwells, which adds even more light further back in the showroom.

a large window that spans both floors in schneiderman's new lakeville showroom

Deck time.

Continuing that light and airy connection with the outdoors is the second floor outside deck – a first for our stores.

an outdoor deck at Schneiderman's new lakeville showroom

We’re excited to have this unique space to display our great selection of patio furniture!

a deck for patio furniture at Schneiderman's new lakeville showroom

The inside view.

The inside feels light and expansive, and the flooring will be a functional and interesting mix, including concrete and carpeting.

feels light and welcoming - Schneiderman's new lakeville showroom

The walls will be a mix as well.  Most will be painted, but some will have more unique finishes like white brick or wallpaper.

white brick wall - Schneiderman's new lakeville showroom

And just how much paint does it take to paint a showroom of this size?  I don’t have an exact number, but let’s just say it’s a lot.

how much paint does it take? Schneiderman's new lakeville showroom

Chad chose 15 versatile neutrals from Hirshfield’s, and I’ll be sharing those colors with you in a future post, along with some inspiration for using some of the colors.

neutral walls - Schneiderman's new lakeville showroom

Other unique and interesting interior design details are in the works, and they will be more in evidence as the showroom progresses.

Schneiderman's new lakeville showroom main floor

Filling it up.

As you can imagine, much thought and planning went into deciding what should fill the showroom once it’s completed.

Our dedicated (and busy) team has already completed much of that process, which means that some of the furniture is already waiting in the wings to make it’s Lakeville debut.

furniture at the ready - Schneiderman's new lakeville showroom

Ready for pick-up.

Part of the crew was working on the loading dock when I was there last week.

working on the loading dock - Schneiderman's new lakeville showroom

And I received this pic a couple of days later.  The dock looks like it’s ready for business!

Schneiderman's new lakeville showroom loading dock

Come see us this spring!

We’ll keep you posted on our progress, and we’re excited to have you visit Schneiderman’s new Lakeville showroom when it’s completed this Spring!

another view - Schneiderman's new lakeville showroom

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4 Responses to Out and About: Schneiderman’s New Lakeville Showroom

  1. Larry Schneiderman March 25, 2017 at 8:55 am #

    So proud of what you guys are doing!

    What a commitment! What an effort! What a result!

    • PK March 31, 2017 at 9:54 am #

      I agree Larry. Everyone has been working hard and the results are starting to show. On the home stretch and it’s looking great!

  2. Bre March 21, 2017 at 1:38 pm #

    Looks great!! I am excited to see the new Lakeville store when it is finished!!

    • PK March 31, 2017 at 9:52 am #

      Thanks Bre! We’re all excited, too. :-)


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