A Minnesota Casual Bedroom (3 Looks You’ll Love)


The bedroom.  Whether it’s big or small, neutral or colorful, it’s always the one place that we hope we can count on for rest and relaxation at the end of the day. It’s also the next room that we’re touring in our Minnesota Casual Home series!

As you know, no matter what your style of choice there is always more than one way to interpret it.  You start with the basic defining elements of the style and then make choices based on your personal preferences and design taste.


Because of that, we’ve decided to explore 3 different looks in today’s bedroom post.  Each one definitely has the relaxed and inviting Minnesota Casual feel, but their own, slightly different, look.

Minnesota Casual Bedroom #1.

Our first bedroom features the Pine Hill Queen Bed (with storage) and matching furniture pieces.  This light and airy, yet cozy, bedroom was styled by Magnussen, and is a great example of using contrast to create an interesting design.

Pops of tangerine add a bold punch and provide a sense of colorful warmth to an otherwise neutral space, and we love the way they used gallery walls in black and white to create simple drama.  Repeating the wall and window colors in the art also creates a sense of cohesiveness.

Minnesota casual bedroom with a black and white gallery wall. Love the pops of color!

{Quick tip: Use a gallery wall, simple or grand, to put your own unique spin on a space.}

Minnesota Casual Bedroom #2.

You may recognize elements of this next cozy, casual bedroom featuring our Lewiston bed (with storage) from this post, but we swapped out the bedding, lamps, and all of the accessories for a completely different look.

To show that sometimes it can be a really great idea not to match, we also switched out the matching nightstand on the left side of the bed in favor of the ebony nightstand.  (Notice how the black and white pillow and the photograph create a subtle color link to the new nightstand.)

Neutral minnesota casual bedroom. Love the whimsical Uncle Buck pillow and the contrast of black and white.

{Quick tip:  If you use night stands of unequal height, place books or boxes under the lamp on the shorter stand to even out heights.}

For this new look, Natalie and Stephanie dressed the bed with textured neutral bedding aptly named “quiet stripe”.   The Uncle Buck and Santos Plaid pillows were added for a touch of whimsy and contrast, and a blue throw dishes out a color splash.

To finish off the space and fill the large blank wall, we used our new favorite faux succulent boxes combined with the Murphy galvanized clock for a perfect grouping.


Minnesota Casual Bedroom #3.

Last, but certainly not least, is this restful retreat featuring our Meadow Queen Bed (with storage) and matching furniture.

This bedroom, styled by Modus, is soothing and serene in a palette of whites and soft neutrals accented by spa-like blues.  It’s a contrast in styles, and proof that simple furniture with rustic leanings can look right at home in a traditional space with more formal design elements like columns and crown molding.

A minnesota casual bedroom in a soothing palette of white, soft neutrals and spa-like blues

{To see two more – completely different – looks for the Meadow Bed, check out this post!}

Which bedroom would you choose?


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