Inspired By Color: Gray + Red

The inspiration image for today’s color scheme is such a great study in contrast!  Crisp red accents are a simple yet arresting and energetic burst of color against the beautifully weathered wood in shades of gray.  Warm and inviting with the sense that it has a story to tell.

rustic-gray-exterior with red accents

In this color scheme, red is definitely the dominant player, even in small doses. Bold, inviting, energetic, and dramatic, it’s typically not a color that can be easily ignored.

Gray, which can be thought of as cold in some of it’s variations, provides both a beautiful backdrop and a great compliment (no competition here) to the spirited warmth of red.

Cozy cottage bedroom

There are so many different ways that this color scheme could play out.  For example, this simple space below could be completely different by keeping the walls gray, swapping the gray sofa for a red sofa, and switching the clean lines of the red door for a more rustic interior barn door.

Having used red extensively in a previous home, I thought I was completely over it until I saw it combined with gray. The combination makes red feel completely fresh and new.

chair | sofa | cocktail table

Are you a fan?  How would you use it in your space?

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2 Responses to Inspired By Color: Gray + Red

  1. Natalie March 3, 2015 at 3:34 pm #

    YES, big fan especially the top image of the weathered wood home with the red trim. Maybe because years ago my Mom used weathered barn wood for wainscoting in our dining area! Of course then it was paired with avocado green, burnt orange and harvest gold flowered wall paper. That’s a topic for another day –

    • Schneiderman's Furniture March 23, 2015 at 8:49 am #

      I think no matter what your style or color preference you’ve just gotta love that weathered wood home with the pop of red. It just draws you in!


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