How to Choose the Right End Table for Your Space

Love the concrete look of this end table. Great tips on choosing the right table for your space!

When it comes to furnishing a living or family room, end tables are a small, but important piece of the equation.

They’re most commonly used at the end of sofas or sectionals, or beside or between chairs, to provide a place to set a lamp/drinks/books and possibly add additional storage.

They provide function, certainly, but also add to a feeling of completeness to a room.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding what will work best in your space:

Fun eclectic modern vibe to this living room. Chesterfield sofa, end table, geometric rug
Shop the Room: Eclectic Elegance

1. Function.

Before purchasing or arranging tables, decide how you need them to work for you.

Consider things like – What will you use the table for?  How much do you need to fit on the table top? Will there be a lamp on the table? Do you need storage?

2. Size.

End table heights generally vary between 22-26″, with some exceptions.

An end table right at, or 1-2″ below, the arm height of the sofa or chair that it’s sitting next to is usually the best idea.  It’s easy to reach over or down, rather than up, to set a glass or pick up a book, and it visually makes sense.

Armless furniture – For sofas or chairs with very low, or no, arms, a standard table height should still work, or you can choose to use a shorter table or stool.

Be sure to match the scale of your end tables with the scale of the furniture and the room that it’s in.

End table between to chairs - great tips on choosing the right table for your space. Layered rugs. Lakeshore cottage style living room.
Lakeside Cottage Living Room

3. Style.

Mixing and Matching:

Matching end tables is an easy and acceptable way to go but it can be fun, and interesting, to mix things up a bit.

Four easy ways to do that:

1. If you do have a matched set of cocktail and end tables, pop something a little different beside the accent chair.

2. Match one end table to the cocktail table, and then use a different end table on the other end of the sofa.  Mix another table in by a chair or chairs.

minnesota casual style living room - a mix of end tables.
Minnesota Casual Family Room

3. Use a unique cocktail table, and match end tables.  The chair table, if there is one, can match the end tables or be completely different.

4. Mix it up completely.  In the space below, we used a cocktail ottoman with two different end tables.  The repetition of colors in the room ties everything together.

modern loft living room with loads of warm texture.  So cozy, and we love the look!
Shop the Room: Modern Loft

When you’re mixing and matching, everything should blend but it doesn’t have to exactly match.  Use repetition of color, styles, and patterns to give the room a cohesive feel.

Style and shape:

In a room with lots of legs, consider chunkier tables with no, or shorter, legs to balance things out.  If the furniture’s chunky, add some legs!

The same is true for shapes. Adding a round table to a square mix or vice versa will make a space feel more interesting and balanced at the same time.

Decorating with brown and gray in this loft living room.  Reclining furniture and a mix of end tables
Decorating with Brown and Gray – A Pairing That May Surprise You

Not just for the living room.

We like that end tables also serve to add another layer of texture, a dose of personality, and/or a pop of color in almost any room.

In addition to using an end table at the end of a sofa/sectional or at the side of a chair, consider using one as a night stand in a bedroom, extra tabletop space in an office, or with a chair in a foyer or entry.

Shop your style.

We’re proud of the variety and selection of end tables that we have at Schneiderman’s, and we’ve given you a sneak peek below.

Click on the graphic to see the rest of our selection and shop…

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