Hanging Curtains: 3 Tips That Will Transform Your Room

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It’s true that not every room needs to have curtains, or window treatments of any sort for that matter, but I think we’ll all agree that the majority of spaces are better with than without them.

They don’t need to be a bold color or crazy pattern, although they can be, but even the most neutral fabric will soften the walls and add texture, dimension, and a cozy completeness to the room.

Here are 3 surprisingly simple tips that will give your curtains (and windows) maximum impact in your space:

1. Hang them higher.

Hanging curtains or drapes higher than the window trim makes the window feel taller and more important in the room, and can give the illusion of a taller ceiling in shorter spaces.

How high you hang them depends mostly on the ceiling height –  if it’s not extremely far above the window trim, hang them all the way up.  Otherwise, splitting the difference or  6-8″ above is a good rule of thumb.

Extend the curtains rod past the window to let more light in | Dining room by Clean Design image via House of Turquoise
Clean Design via House of Turquoise

2. Extend the rods.

The right amount of light can make or break a space, so this tip is one of my favorites.

Using a rod that extends past the window not only makes the window feel wider, but also allows you to cover less of the window with the treatment, which lets more light into the room.

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3. Match them up.

Matching window treatment heights (even though the windows are not the same height) is not always possible but, when it is, it can create a more seamless design.

If you visualize the room below with the shorter window’s treatment at window height, you can see that it would feel more “choppy” and your eye wouldn’t travel as easily around the room.

Match heights of curtains on mismatched windows for a more seamless look| Bedroom Design By Hammersmith Atlanta
Hammersmith Atlanta

If you’re hanging new curtains, or decide to try these tips with your old ones, leave a comment and let us know what you thought. Did it make a noticeable difference in your space?

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