Outdoor Decorating – Fall Planter Inspiration and Tips

Beautiful fall planter inspiration - a mix of grasses and fall color

Even though the weather has been amazingly summer-like this past week, there are definitely signs of fall in the air. Leaves are slowly turning, late sunrises and early sunsets are squishing our days, and a light jacket is usually needed when the sun goes down.

So.  It’s for sure.  Fall will officially happen soon.  And, in keeping with nature’s determined march toward it, most of us will start transforming our indoor and outdoor spaces as well.

Maybe nothing too big to start, but at least a nod that says we’re getting ready.  Like fall planters, for instance…

fall planter with kale, greenery, and bold pops of pink and red

So I headed to Lynde Greenhouse in Maple Grove this week to see what fall planter inspiration I could find.   I was pretty confident that their fall selection would be in full swing, and I was right.

It was a beautiful day, perfect for browsing the creative ideas and plant selections,  and there was a plethora of inspiration to be had – both indoors and out.

Fall planter inspiration - greenhouse with all the beautiful fall flowers and planters.

{anyone else love the chalkboard row signs?}

I did stop taking pictures long enough to chat with Christina, Lynde’s Marketing Manager (who also happens to know plants and planters), to get her insight and a few tips to share with you.

The house plant.

This year Lynde’s is all about the house plant as a unique addition to their fall planters.  They not only look great, but they’re versatile enough to enjoy all year long.

Start by adding them to your fall planters, repot and enjoy them indoors during the winter, and then add them back to whatever you’re doing in your outdoor planters for spring and summer.

Fall planter inspiration in a bushel basket with rubber houseplant

Not all house plants will work, so choose ones that are hardy – like the croton or rubber plant.

“Hardy indoor plants are a versatile option that can be used in fall outdoor planters, then re-potted inside to enjoy during colder months.”

Color, contrast, and texture.

Just like interior decorating, successful outdoor decorating relies on using contrast and varying textures, then adding pops of color.

Take full advantage of the interesting variety of texture and color that’s available in ornamentals, grasses, plants, and flowers, to create the perfect mix for your outdoor planter.

Fall planter inspiration with kale in bushel basket with ornamental grasses and plants

TIP:  The flowering kale is frost tolerant, so it will get you further in the season than other choices might.

Planters, pots, and containers.

The container you choose can be a great way to add additional texture and/or color to your outdoor fall decorating, and will influence or further enhance your outdoor decorating aesthetic.

fall planter inspiration - rustic wood and metal planter with a mix of flowers and greenery

Thriller, filler, and spiller.

I had heard this term used before, so I asked Christina to break it down for us:

Thriller – something tall – the showpiece of your planter. Some ideas could be a rubber plant, croton, or ornamental millet (which gets plumes).

Fun outdoor decorating with fall planter inspiration - rustic basket with fall color crotons, sunflowers, and a mix of greenery

Filler – this fills out the midsection and, among the many options that could work, are mums, coleus, ornamental peppers, dianthus, or sunflower.

Spiller – something soft that will spill over the side. Not every pot has to have one but, when it does, creeping jenny or binka vine are good options.

Thriller, filler, spiller… A simple-to-remember planter formula!

The right soil.

Heavy top soils can prevent plants from spreading out their roots, so using a light soil is important for your fall plants to thrive.  It promotes growth and results in a healthier plant.

Lynde makes their own light mix using organic compost, perlite, and peat moss.

Fall planter - contemporary pot with a nice balance of fall color and texture

Put your spin on it.

My two cents: Use the fall planter inspiration in this post, or planters you see out and about, for inspiration – but keep the process fun and make it your own.

Have you started any fall decorating yet?

For more outdoor decorating inspiration, visit our how to decorate page!

Photos by PK/Schneiderman’s {the blog}

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