Dining Room Design: Storage and Display Options

dining room storage with mid-century modern style
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When you’re designing your dining room, much of the focus tends to be on the dining table and chairs.  And that makes sense, because those are typically the most used furniture pieces in the space.

But once you’ve chosen your dining set, you’ll need to make a decision on whether or not you need dining room storage and/or display.   And, if so, which piece will best suit your needs and your space.

Answering these six questions will help…

1. What’s your storage?

Do you need a multi-tasking, functional storage piece, or are you just looking for something to fill a blank spot in the dining room and make it cozy and interesting?

Listing what it is that you need from your storage and/or display piece will help you to narrow down – or broaden – your options.  Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and get creative.

Light neutral modern directions dining room with creative dining room storage and display
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2. Closed, open, or a combination?

You’ve already decided what you need your storage to do for you, so this step will be easy.

How much of your “stuff” do you want to see, if anything, and what items might be better tucked away out of sight? Or will it work best to have a little of both?

dining room storage - mix of closed storage and display
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3. Mix or match?

Matched sets lend themselves to a more cohesive feel, while mixing is more unique and can give the feeling that pieces have been collected over time. Either option can work great, it’s really a matter of personal preference.

If you’ve had your dining room set for a while, though, and then decide to purchase storage, mixing rather than matching may be easier and give you more flexibility.

contemporary eclectic dining room storage buffet with a global aesthetic
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4. Is additional serving space a requirement?

If so, you’ll want to make sure your dining room storage piece has an adequately sized surface and is at the right height for serving.

dining room storage with drawers and sliding door
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5. What can your room accommodate?

We always say to measure before you shop, and to test out walkways and furniture arrangements, if possible, before committing.

When it comes to dining rooms, there should ideally be room for the depth of your storage piece + 3′ of walkway around the table, if possible.

Dining room storage with a traditional farmhouse style
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6. Do you have a small space?

If a standard size storage or display piece is too large, consider an accent chest instead.   In addition to storage, they can add an extra dose of interest to the room.

Or opt for a dining table with storage already built in – a perfect way to maximize space.

Small space dining room with multi-tasking bar table with storage
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Now that you’ve narrowed your options, it should be easy to find the perfect piece for your dining room. Are you ready?

Shop dining room storage options on our website and even more in our stores.

{For more dining room inspiration, check out our dining rooms page!}

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