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Remember those trips to the beach as a child where you collected every kind of sea shell you could find?   Or maybe you collected a certain toy or other tiny treasures?

Those collections have probably long since disappeared, but the things we collect as adults seem to have a little more staying power.

Decorating with Collections. Image: ispydiy-my-diy-gold-chalkboard-globe
DIY Gold Chalkboard Globe

We usually collect them because they have special meaning to us, have some value, or they just put a smile on our face and make us feel good.

That’s why it’s unfortunate that so many of those things eventually end up scattered around the house or packed away in storage boxes or cupboards because we don’t feel like we have room for them or don’t know how to display them.

If they’re scattered around the house they’re probably not having much impact, and if they’re packed away, where is the pleasure in that?

Decorating with Collections:

From a jumble of hats to a collected work of art — it's all in the display.

When you’re decorating with collections, one way to display and enjoy them without taking up a lot of extra space is to group them all together in one place.

Grouping is also a much better way to create maximum impact – “Small findings can lack impact on their own. Group like ones together, however, and they become memorable.” Country Living

Country Living: Small findings can lack impact on their own. Group like ones together, however, and they become memorable. Buttons – inexpensive to assemble en masse – impart rich texture and tone.

Types of collections vary widely so how you display them will largely depend on the collection and the space that’s available, or where you need a punch of additional personality in your space.

Larger items can be hung on walls or displayed on shelves, while very small items may work best if displayed in jars, baskets or trays.  Explore inspiration sources to see how others are displaying their finds, and then get creative with yours!

Country Living. collections. In this New York beach house, inexpensive framed maps creatively chronicle the family's travels.

Of course we’re talking about collections, not clutter, so if your collection is very large, or if you have several, consider displaying a portion of them and then rotating them out periodically so that you stay organized but still get to enjoy them all.

Looking for more ways to add personality to your space? Check out our post: 6 Ways to Make Your Decorating More Unique and Personal.

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