A Space-Saving Storage Solution for The Bedroom

Beautiful bedroom in muted tones of gray and warm whites AND the bed has hidden storage.
Oxford Basalt Grey Queen Storage Bed

Storage, or lack thereof, is a common problem for many bedrooms.

And since most of us want our bedrooms to be a calm and restful retreat,  that lack of storage – and resulting clutter – can be very frustrating.

The issue may be that your bedroom is very small, so the space to store things is limited.  Or maybe your bedroom is actually fairly large, but it has little-to-no useable closet space. Or just maybe the bedroom itself is not necessarily lacking storage options, there’s just a lot of stuff you’d like to store – more than the room can currently handle.

rustic elegant bedroom with space-saving storage (4 drawers!)
Townsend Queen Storage Bed

Thankfully, there is a simple and effective solution to this dilemma.  Storage beds.

Multi-tasking storage beds are creatively designed with storage drawers that are built into the side or end of the bed.  Some drawers have been completely hidden for a seamless look, while others are intentionally exposed to add a unique design detail.

And “built into the bed” is obviously a key feature here.  Because, unlike many other storage options, this alternative requires no additional floor space.  As in zip.  Zero.  None.  How perfect is that?

Light and airy modern bedroom with space-saving storage bed
Modern Loft Queen Panel Storage Bed

So if your goal is to finally get your bedroom more organized in the new year. Or you’re designing a new bedroom and want to utilize the space as efficiently as possible. Or you’re doing okay, except for the extra blankets, pillows or seasonal clothes you can never find a spot for.

Is it possible that a storage bed could be the missing piece to your organizing puzzle?

We have a great selection of storage bed options in twin to king sizes and in many different style options. Browse the selection on our website or shop your closest Schneiderman’s showroom.

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