7 Great Reasons to Decorate With Leather

leather furniture - light and airy living room with leather sofa
andover sofa

Leather furniture is a favorite of many, and most of us have probably had, or do have, at least one piece of it in our home.

So what is it that makes it so great?  What’s the appeal?

Well, there are lots of reasons to love it, but here are 7:

1.  It works with any design style.

Leather is a versatile material that can be used on anything from a cushy reclining sofa to a sleek modern chair, and everything in between.

Even though the style of the piece you put it on can lead you in one design direction or another, the leather itself knows no style boundaries.

2.  It adds warmth and texture.

Leather has a warm, rich, organic quality that lends so much texture to a space – especially the brown tones.

leather furniture - cozy family room with brown leather reclining sofa
ferarra power reclining sofa

3. It’s a neutral backdrop.

For those of us who like to switch out pillows, rugs, window treatments, etc. as our color preferences (or the seasons) change, leather can provide the perfect neutral backdrop for that to happen.

4. It doesn’t have to be brown.

It’s true that brown is one of the most common hues in leather furniture, but many manufacturers also offer other great options. Color, muted or bold, combined with the rich texture of leather is a win-win.

Use a leather chair in a striking hue to add a pop of personality to a space, or go big with a leather sofa in your favorite color.

leather furniture - Living room with comfy reclining sofa that still has style.
knockout power reclining sofa

5. It’s durable and long lasting.

Leather is strong, durable, and perfectly capable of holding up to the activities of every day family life.   It lasts four times longer than fabric on average, so it’s a great investment.

6. It works in any room.

Even though we see leather many times in living rooms and family rooms, it can also be a smart choice for other rooms in the house.

It can work with mix and match seating in the dining room, as a comfy chair in the home office, or in an entry or bedroom in the form of a bench, ottoman, or accent chair.

leather furniture - bedroom with leather topped ottomans at the foot of the bed
oxford leather topped ottoman

Even a small dose of leather can be the perfect solution for mixing up textures and adding some character to your room.

7. It bridges the gap.

Sometimes combining the design preferences of two people sharing the same space can be challenging.  Whether it’s masculine vs. feminine or just a clash of design styles, leather can be a tool to help bring the two together.

Find your perfect piece.

We have a great selection of leather furniture at Schneiderman’s and we’d love to help you pick the perfect piece for your space!

Browse our website and then shop the full selection in our showrooms.

For more inspiration visit our Design Tips page!

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