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Since we highlighted multiple posts in the magalog (7 to be exact), we thought it might be more convenient for you if we rounded them all up in one spot.

If you’re a regular blog follower or have found our blog another way, we’re sure you’ll like the inspiration, ideas and tips found in these posts as well!

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1. Furnishing and Decorating Small Spaces (10 Practical Tips).

Small spaces run the gamut from reeaaally tiny houses (like the tiny house trend), to small houses, to one room in a larger home that is space challenged. And while some people make a decision to choose a small space, others may feel “stuck” with theirs.

Whatever the case, most small spaces can benefit from tips to help them look and function better, so we’ve given you 10 proven methods to try.

Read the post here.

10 Tips for Furnishing and Decorating Your Small Space: Using open furniture enhances the visual space in a small room.

2. Decorating with Blue and White

When someone says the words “decorating with blue and white”, each of us will have an image that pops into our mind – most likely based on our personal design preferences or experiences.

Those images won’t all be alike, and that’s the great thing about blue and white (or any color scheme, for that matter) – there’s more than one way to spin it.

This post highlights 5 blue and white looks that we’re loving right now.

Read the post here.

We love a blue and white color palette - here are some of our favorite looks.

3. Boho Chic – 10 Ways to Get The Look.

Bohemian influenced design is nothing new. This relaxed, no-real-rules style that allows you to mix pattern, texture and styles to your hearts content has been around for a long time.

What is new is that people who would never think of themselves as even slightly Bohemian are gravitating toward elements of this design and incorporating it into their spaces. It’s whimsy and laid back vibe are drawing them in.

If this sounds interesting to you, we’re giving you some suggestions for adding just a hint or a whole lot of this look to your space.

Read the post here.

Image: Design Sponge

4. Farmhouse Chic: 10 Ways to Get The Look

The Farmhouse Chic look is one of the most popular design styles of the moment, and we can see why.

It’s the perfect mix of casually elegant and worn and weathered — resulting in a look that is refined, yet relaxed and approachable at the same time.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate this welcoming look into your space, but we’re giving you 10.

Read the post here.

Farmhouse Chic - 10 Ways To Get The Look

5. 7 Great Reasons to Decorate With Leather

Leather furniture is a favorite for many people, and most of us have probably had, or do have, at least one piece of it in our home. We also carry a lot of it in our stores.

So what makes it so great? What is the appeal? There are a lot of reasons to love it, and here are 7.

Read the post here.

7 Great Reasons to Decorate With Leather

6. Decorating the Bedroom: Two Looks.

There are obviously so many ways to style and use our furniture that there is no way to show you every possibility in a showroom setting.

So when we have the opportunity (like our most recent photo shoot) to create different looks using the same piece, we run with it.

Read the post here.

Decorating the Bedroom - Two Looks

7. Styling a Console Table, Dresser, or Chest (5 Simple Tips).

Styling any piece of furniture can be simple when you apply some basic principles. See 5 tried and true ideas in this post.

Read the post here.

How To Style A Console Table, Dresser or Chest (5 Simple Tips)

Oops!  After posting this we realized we missed one, so the post has been edited to include it – here it is:

Get the Look: Cozy Casual Family Room

As we’ve mentioned before, one area of our Plymouth store has recently been converted into a Warehouse Loft space. In addition to looking good, it’s also turning out to be a great space for photo shoots!

This is one of the room scenes that we shot there, and our post shows you how to get the look.

Get the Look - Cozy Casual Family Room

Read the post here.

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