5 Small Space Decorating Ideas to Copy

A fresh, modern living room - small space decorating ideas.

When you’re decorating a space that has any type of a design challenge, it’s always easier if you can copy a few ideas from inspiration rooms you love.  Like this small space our stylists took on in a recent photo shoot, for instance.

I found a minimum of 5 small space decorating ideas, and you may be inspired by more. Here’s my take:

1. Dominant pattern.

This room makes it pretty clear that there’s no need to shy away from pattern just because your space is small.

Rather than going crazy, though, there’s just one large, dominant pattern in the form of a neutral area rug.  It adds a ton of visual interest and gives a fun, relaxed, modern vibe to the space.  (Not to mention, it beautifully defines the seating area.)

2. Cool, calm, and collected.

Natural light, soft neutral walls set against crisp white trim, and (mostly) neutral furniture makes the room feel airy and serene.

And, even though the furniture all came from the same place, the interesting mix feels like it was thoughtfully collected.  I like that none of the furniture is bulky or overbearing, and the open design of the coffee table frees up visual space.   (And hooray for pouf ottomans!)

Small space apartment in neutrals with pops of color
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3. Not-so-predictable pops of color.

In a neutral space like this, that sassy blue chair is obviously going to completely grab your attention unless there is other, equally bold, color in the room. It’s not much, but a little pop of purple on the table and a splash of yellow beside the sofa make the color feel more balanced.

4. Aligning with angles.

There were some interesting angles in this room and aligning the furniture with one of them turned out to be a perfect arrangement. Yes. It’s A-OK to angle furniture. Try it!

5. Open shelving.

Some small spaces may need all of the enclosed storage they can get but, if you can spare half a wall, open shelving is a trend you may want to try.  It can lend to a more open feel and provide a spot to keep things more accessible.

What’s your favorite part of this small space?

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