Why You Might Want to Consider a Recliner (7 Great Reasons)

A cozy nook with shiplap walls and a comfy recliner. Comfort AND style. Love it!
Hjellegjerde Muldal – shop it in our showrooms

Recliners are nothing new. In fact, rumor has it that the first reclining chair was owned by Napoleon III in the 1800’s.

But recliners have changed a lot over the years, especially recently, so much so that the term recliner and the concept of reclining are about all that remains from the original.

So if it’s been a while since you’ve seen, sat in, or considered a recliner, you may want to think again.

Here are 7 reasons why:

1. They’re comfortable.

Nothing like stating the obvious, but this really is one of the biggest reasons everyone loves a recliner.

You just can’t beat the advances made in comfort, and if Napoleon III would have had the opportunity to sit in today’s options, he would definitely have had more than one recliner!

Living room - recliner with nail head detail - window seat
springfield power glider reclining chair

2. They’re not just chairs.

When you add a reclining sofa or sectional to the mix, everyone wins.  No more discussion or disagreement on whose turn it is to sit in the recliner.

Dad can be snoozing while the kids are watching movies and mom’s reading a good book  – all in a seat adjusted to their own comfort level.

Lot family room space with reclining sofa plus recliner. Mixing materials and textures makes this neutral space interesting.
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3. Dads like ’em.

We’ve said this before, but since Father’s Day is quickly approaching (June 18th), it definitely bears repeating.

Dads like recliners. Just sayin’.

4.  They rock.

Well, yes, of course we think all of our recliners rock. But some literally rock, and a chair that’s comfortable, reclines, and rocks definitely has our vote!

Gotta love a rocker recliner!
rocker recliner 1 – tip top | 2 – fandango | 3 – krypto

5.  There’s a style for everyone.

Unlike the days when you may have had to choose between style and comfort, now you can have both.  Modern, rustic, urban, traditional, transitional… whatever your style, there’s sure to be a recliner that will blend.

And, while it’s impossible to show off all of our styles in a blog post, if you peruse the selection on our website, you’ll see what I mean.

Comfortable, casual - yet stylish - living room with reclining sofa
knock out power reclining sofa |  cocktail table | end table

6. They’re power-full.

With the new technology available, it’s never been easier or more convenient to satisfy your comfort cravings. Functions like power recline and adjustable power headrests get you comfortable quickly and easily, while USB charging ports make everything way more convenient.

recliner with power functions and usb port. Love that wall, too!

7. Easy to customize.

With so many recliner options to choose from, it can be pretty easy to find exactly what you’re looking for in our showrooms.

But if you’d rather have the recliner of your choice upholstered in a different fabric, or a little smaller or larger, or with a different finish, those things can easily be personalized through custom order options (custom option availability varies by vendor).

Black bookcases, traditional library space with modern, comfortable stressless recliners
Stressless nordic

So we’re thinking these are seven pretty good reasons to consider a recliner, but we’d love to hear what you think. Do you have a recliner? Want one? What’s your top reason?

For a great selection of both manual and powered reclining seating, visit one of our six showrooms or shop our website!

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