Using Bedding To Inspire or Refresh A Bedroom Design

Schneidermans Furniture HH Hopecrest Bedding Modern ContemporaryHopecrest Comforter Set | Schneiderman’s

The bed is the focal point of the bedroom and typically sets the tone and design direction for the room, so whether you’re designing a new bedroom or just want to give your room a new look, bedding is a great place to start.

Modern geometrics.

Use modern geometrics with a fresh color palette to punch up a room’s personality or crank up the color quotient.  This type of bedding can also work great on a traditional bed, moving it in a more modern direction.

Schneidermans Furniture Status Comforter Set
Status Comforter Set | Schneiderman’s

Simply serene.

For a serene look with a more traditional vibe, try neutral bedding with a large scale, updated floral pattern.  A contrast welt adds interesting design detail.

Schneidermans Furniture HH Bellville ivory Bedding
Belville Comforter Set | Schneiderman’s

A solid choice.

If pattern isn’t your thing, solids can be an excellent choice, and will give you more versatility in the long run.

Mix color with white or another neutral and vary the fabrics, textures, and details in the room to keep it interesting.

Schneiderman's Gurniture Cottage Hill Solid bedding
Velvet Touch Coverlet Set | Schneiderman’s

Try the trends.

Bedding is also an easy way to try out a new color trend in your space.

The eye is drawn to color, so keeping the background of the room light and neutral is also one way to make your new color choice pop.

Schneidermans Furniture HH Genie Transitional Bedding Indigo Copper
Genie Comforter Set | Schneiderman’s

Shop your bedding style.

Whatever your style, taste or design goals, we’ve got you covered. Literally.

Visit any of our stores to check out our current bedding selection!

Schneidermans Furniture HH-Belcourt Comforter Bedding
Belcourt Comforter Set | Schneiderman’s


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  1. Natalie January 29, 2015 at 9:27 am #

    Love the colors of Status and the youthful design! I also like the first one – Hopecrest. The detail is great, especially the square buttons on the accent pillow!


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