Turn your Traditionally Styled Room into a Contemporary Haven – Without Changing Your Sofa!

Traditional styling for the Wallace Leather sofa collection.

Traditional Styling for the Wallace Sofa

Chad is back with Schneiderman’s Furniture’s second video featuring the different looks for the Wallace sofa. You may recall last week Chad talked about how to style your Wallace sofa in a traditional style with warm tones, nailhead trim (to match the trim on the leather chair and sofa) and floral patterns.

In this next video he’s taken the exact same leather couch that you have invested in for the long haul. This is the type of furniture that you have spent a little more on because you want something that is really high quality.  What we are hoping to show you in these videos is that spending a bit more on an item that will last through the years does not mean you are locked into one single “look” for the rest of your days. With the traditional design elements that you saw last week, you get one impression of what you can do with a great leather couch. Today’s video shows you how you can completely turn this look on its head and make the sofa look completely contemporary!

There you are! Two fantastic looks with one amazing statement piece!

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