Trend: Fiddle Leaf Fig


Have you seen them?  They are everywhere these days and I think we’re definitely safe in saying that the Fiddle Leaf Fig is the happening houseplant!

I’ll be honest.  Before this past year, I had never even heard of a Fiddle Leaf Fig. But then I’m also not exactly one who stays up on the most current trends in house plants – pretty much due to the fact that I can’t seem to keep them alive when I get them. :-)  I do think they have a really great look though, and wouldn’t mind having one.  (an artificial one?!!)

Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree


Are you jumping on this trend?  Or did you already have a Fiddle Leaf Fig before you knew they were cool?

If you buy one, or have one that you could use some help with, you can find tips for caring for them here.




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