Tie It Up With A Bow: Urban Natural Living Room

Urban natural living room design - so many interesting elements!

This time of year usually brings with it all of the fun, anticipation and excitement of buying, wrapping, giving, and receiving gifts.  And, hopefully, when the packages are opened at the designated time, everyone loves what they find inside.

That’s kind of how I feel every time we have a room photo shoot.

Our design team works hard pulling together each look, and we don’t get to see it all come together until photo shoot day.  It’s fun to watch each piece go into place and see the finished “reveal” at the end.  Kind of like a present – minus the big bow.

And when we get the final images back?  Well.  That’s just the frosting on the cake.  Or maybe that’s the bow on the present?  Either way, I always look forward to seeing the finished product and sharing the rooms with you.

Urban natural living room - decorating an interesting space with a great mix of elements 


The living room in today’s post is a finished product of one of our most recent photo shoots – a gift unwrapped for your inspiration.

It’s an interesting space with a great mix of elements that feels like it’s dressed up enough for company, but still relaxed for every day living.  We’re calling this look the Urban Natural living room.

Furniture and decor.

The anchor piece of furniture in the space is our Maxwell sectional.   It’s a contemporary-leaning sectional, upholstered in a mid-range gray neutral fabric that is so easy to design around.

A mix of patterned accent pillows – with a dose of white thrown in for good measure – and a coordinating accent chair round out the seating.  And it would be super simple to add or swap out accent color(s) whenever you please.

Open and airy urban natural living room with a small sectional, layered rugs, a fun mix of patterned accent pillows, and coordinating accent chair

Notice how they used tables with an open design, like the Sutton, to provide function while still keeping the room open and airy.  A great tip to keep in mind for smaller spaces.

And those layered rugs… They not only look good in this space, but they would feel great underfoot in these cold winter months.  We layered a hair on hide rug over our Banyan Pewter rug for a cozy combo with a rustic look.

Creating a different look.

To show you how you can influence the feel of a room by just switching out a couple of things,  we paired the same accent chair with our cow canvas art and a rustic display cabinet.

(We also swapped out the layered rugs for a gray plush, but the original rug choices would work just as well.)

Cozy corner in an urban natural living room - restyled with a farmhouse vibe. Farmhouse decorating. Farmhouse living room.

Just making those simple changes took this chair in a different direction.  Still urban natural elements, but with a farmhouse feel, don’t you think?

So what’s your take on this urban natural living room?  Or the farmhouse look? Or presents tied up with bows? ;-)   We’d love to hear about it in the comments…

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