Thinking Outside the Box When Furnishing Your Space

living room furniture layout - two sofas. Love the leather AND the contrast welt!
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Furnishing a new living room, or re-furnishing an old one, can be an exciting process. It’s your chance to make your room as beautiful and functional as it can be, and there are so many possibilities!

But when you start considering furniture options, it may be difficult to think beyond what you’ve always known or done.

After all, that tried and true sofa/love seat combination worked perfectly growing up in your parent’s house, so why not now?   And the living room furniture arrangement in the home you just purchased seemed comfortable for the previous owner, so wouldn’t it make sense to just duplicate that?

Living room furniture arrangement with large sectional and accent chair
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Getting out of the box.

Actually those ideas may end up working out swimmingly, but it’s important to note that when it comes to living room seating, one size doesn’t fit all. And by putting yourself in a box from the start, you may miss out on alternative ideas that would look and function better in your space.

The best idea is to start with an empty floor plan – literally or on paper.  Then explore how all of the various living room furniture options might work in your space before deciding.

Would 2 sofas take better advantage of the available space?  Or maybe  a sectional is the perfect fit for your family’s needs.   Can swapping the love seat for 2 accent chairs give you the versatility you’ve always wanted?  4 chairs in a conversation grouping?  A settee?  Or a chaise… now, there’s an idea!

Living room furniture layout with sofa, chaise, and accent chair. Mid-century influence.
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Each situation is unique, and it’s always fun to explore the possibilities.   And you’ll be more secure in your decision knowing that you took the time to weigh your options before settling on the perfect solution for your space.

For more living room inspiration and layout ideas, browse our LIVING AND FAMILY ROOMS page.   And for specific tips on arranging furniture, check out the post below or visit our ARRANGING FURNITURE page.

living room furniture options - how to arrange furniture in a living room or family room

2 Responses to Thinking Outside the Box When Furnishing Your Space

  1. PK January 10, 2018 at 9:28 am #

    Sounds like a perfect solution Jeane! Pays to think outside the box :-) All the best with your new living situation, and thanks for commenting!

  2. Jeane Coultas January 8, 2018 at 12:18 pm #

    Living room/dining combo, with corner fireplace. My daughter and family are moving in for a while. With 7 people 3 teens (OMG), we needed the dining table more open for easier access so I have moved it to the larger living room area. Looks super great.


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