The Friday 5: Recipes, Road Trips and Stressless – Oh My!

If you’re new here, welcome to The Friday 5!  Sometimes random, sometimes not, but always five things that we think you might be inspired by, find helpful or just might like to know.

1. Apple trees usually start blossoming around mid-May and it can be a pretty spectacular sight. If you agree, you may want to schedule one of the drives they talk about here and here.


2. For those of you popping over from social media to look for the answer to the trivia question – “in which state was the first Adirondack chair made?”

The answer is New York!  (did you guess it?)  A man named Thomas Lee designed them for his summer home and then passed the design on to a carpenter friend, Harry Bunnell.  Harry saw the potential of the chairs, filed a patent and the rest is history. (source: Wikapedia)

By the Yard Adirondack Chairs - other color options and styles available - Schneidermans Furniture

3. Fast meal prep is always a good thing, and this time of year we’re also starting to look for lighter, fresher fare.  These 30 Fast and Fresh Spring Dinners may be just the ticket!

30 Fast and Fresh Spring Dinners

4. If you normally shop at our Roseville showroom but have been driving to one of our other stores to get your Stressless fix – no more!

The Roseville store now has it’s own Stressless zone and, as you can see from the pics, it really looks great!

New Stressless Display at the Schneidermans Furniture Showroom in Roseville MN

5. Hirshfield’s has new technology that allows them to customize roller shades for kids rooms with almost any color, logo or custom image.  Sounds like a fun idea!   More information in their blog post (image via Hirshfield’s blog)

disney window treatment


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