The 40th Anniversary of the Internet

Did you know that yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the internet? On October 29, 1969 the first exchange of information between two computers took place.  I was listening to this story on National Public Radio and it got me thinking about our website and how easy it is for customers to browse at for items they like before ever leaving their house.  Little did they know, while trekking to Schneiderman’s to see something like this in 1969:

1969 Living Room Group

1969 Living Room Group

that across the country, the groundwork was being laid so that in 40 years, they’d just have to tap a few buttons from the comfort of their cozy homes to see something like this:

2009 Living Room Group

2009 Living Room Group

It’s actually pretty amazing when you think about it. 40 years isn’t really that long at all. I wonder how we’ll be shopping for furniture 40 years from now in 2059?


– Carrie


One Response to The 40th Anniversary of the Internet

  1. Carrie October 30, 2009 at 7:03 pm #

    Just FYI, the vintage image is from a 1969 issue of Good Housekeeping.


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