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It’s been fun to have some of our staff chime in on our Thanksgiving-related posts this month!  Today we’re continuing with their thoughts, as well as snippets from the comments on our Thanksgiveaway 2015 post.

There was definitely a common theme that ran throughout, both from our staff and commenters, and this seems to sum it up best:

A time to pause and be thankful; and to enjoy time, traditions, meals, and memories with family and friends.

Here’s a little more of what they had to say:

Larry Schneiderman, CEO – “In particular, I looked forward to the sweet potatoes adorned with those miniature marshmallows, the cranberry salad with walnuts, and, of course, the main event: turkey and ham… While I’ve been gravely disappointed by the lack of sweet potatoes once or twice, the constant is the enjoyment of the day with family and being thankful for the important things in life!

Thanksgiving - creating family memories and traditions - Sweet potatoes with mini marshmallows
Candied Sweet Potatoes with Mini Marshmallows Recipe

Peggy M., Office Specialist, Duluth – “Family time and pumpkin pie:)”

Holly W., Sales Associate, Plymouth – Every year the Minneapolis newspaper has a coloring contest in its Thanksgiving edition with a full page picture of a turkey. It is for children… but we have repurposed that page as a family coloring project. Our family, and any extended family and friends that join us, take turns coloring until the whole page is full of color.

Thanksgiving - Creating family memories and traditions - Turkey-coloring-contest

We have a box full of colored pencils, pastels, and markers and even guests who are new to our tradition are encouraged to color at least “one feather.” Usually once they start coloring they can’t stop. It’s a fun activity for all ages and sparks a lot of conversation.

Bette N., Thanksgiveaway 2015 comment“Thanksgiving is a time just for that….giving thanks! Love being with family and friends to share a meal and savor the company of those who are dear to me.”

DeeDee R., Office Specialist, Lakeville – “Love spending this holiday with my husband, my kids and my dog, Chips! Lots of wonderful food and game time. I always feel very blessed and thankful that each year we are able to spend this time together making great memories and enjoying the day being with each other.”


Ann – Thanksgiveaway 2015 comment – “My favorite part of Thanksgiving is actually the day after. For years, my whole Italian family gathers to make handmade ravioli and noodles. Everyone from my 92 year old grandmother to the youngest great grandchildren help out; making dough, rolling filling, or cranking the pasta maker. We have so many laughs and talk about our lives. It is a day I cherish each year!”

Cheryl L. – Thanksgiveaway 2015 comment – “When I was growing up, Thanksgiving at my grandparents was a little boring for us kids. Now that I have grandchildren, we started having a holiday mini pie eating contest (grandparents and grand kids) every year. Our time is about making memories and I think our grandchildren will remember all the fun we had together.”

Mini Pumpkin Pies | Home Is Where The Boat Is

Tara – Thanksgiveaway 2015 comment – “I now host Thanksgiving every year and I love the new traditions we have started with my family. Giving memories to my children like my Mother did for us is what makes the day.”

Chelle T., Sales Associate, Plymouth “Our family tradition has always been; preparing a big meal, taking a walk outside, having pumpkin pie, taking a nap, then later playing cards and having cold turkey sandwich leftovers.”

forest-662427_1920 cr

Mindy, Thanksgiveaway 2015 comment “There are so many favorite things to enjoy. Time to sit with our family and laugh and share delicious food and friendships. I love seeing and being with all of our little people. We count our blessings and remember our loved ones who are not with us any longer.”

Mandy R., Visual Display, Roseville – “A special memory I have is from my childhood. Thanksgiving was spent at our cabin without a TV. Being the early 80’s there was no email, internet, or iphones either!

Instead our family of four gathered around a craft table. We spent hours drawing, cutting, and gluing together special cards depicting how thankful we were for each other. It still makes me smile remembering my Dad trying to draw a turkey- great effort! :)”

Candy Corn Turkey Craft | Crafty Morning

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition or memory? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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