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10 Creative Ways to Decorate With Shiplap

White shiplap walls in foyer hallway with windows light natural wood floors

Swanson Homes | Photo: PK/Schneiderman’s

We’re infatuated with shiplap these days and for good reason, I think.  It’s a great way to add interesting dimension and texture to walls, and it’s fairly inexpensive to mimic the look even if you don’t have the real thing.

But what if you want to do something a little different than a basic white shiplap wall, or maybe you just want to try a little of it out in your home?

Here are some ideas:

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Farmhouse Chic – 10 Ways To Get The Look

Farmhouse Chic - 10 Ways To Get The Look
table | chairs | server

The Farmhouse Chic look is one of the most popular design styles of the moment, and we can see why.

It’s the perfect mix of casually elegant and worn and weathered — resulting in a look that is refined, yet relaxed and approachable at the same time.

There are a variety of ways to incorporate this welcoming look into your space, but here are our top ten:

1. Weathered finishes

Weathered finishes have the advantage of being totally touchable (no more “don’t touch”!), and they give character to the space.

2. Elegant, yet functional, furniture

Choose furniture with curves, tufting and unique design details to add elegance, but use weathered finishes and functional fabrics to make them more practical for every day use.

Farmhouse Chic - 10 Ways To Get the Look
leather chair | clamp tablesofa |
cocktail table

3. Mix and match

Mixing and matching makes your space unique, and gives the sense that your furniture may have been collected over time.

4. Natural elements

Flowers, greenery and other natural elements add life to a room. If you’re using permanent botanicals, make sure they have a soft, natural look to them.

Farmhouse Chic - 10 Ways To Get The Look

5. Art with Age

Nothing too crisp, new (looking) or contemporary for the art in this design style. Display art that appears to have some history behind it to add to the aged intrigue.

6. Signs and vintage letters

Words and signs have been popular for some time and that doesn’t seem to be changing. Use them in your farmhouse space to add a graphic element, a sense of fun, and a peek into your personality.

7. Shiplap and painted brick

Shiplap can be used to add texture and interest to plain walls. Use real shiplap or fake it (we have some links for this look here).

Rustic, natural brick can work in these spaces but, more often than not, brick is painted for a fresh look.

8. Neutrals

These light and airy spaces lean to the neutral side, and accent colors are grayed down rather than bold and saturated. The design elements and mix of textures keep it interesting and inviting.

9. Open shelving

This trend is popular in a variety of kitchen styles, but none more so than the farmhouse kitchen. Display your most used dishes for easy access.

Farmhouse Kitchens - Crownpoint Cabinetry via Decor Pad
Crown Point Cabinetry via Décor Pad

10. Vintage Elements

Vintage elements, like the light fixtures in the image above, go a long way in solidifying the farmhouse feel.

Are you jumping on the farmhouse chic trend? How have you created this style in your home?

Farmhouse Style – Slater Mill Dining and Shiplap Walls

When I first saw these next two room shots featuring our Slater Mill dining furniture, they reminded me a lot of the farmhouse style that we see Joanna Gaines doing so well these days on the very popular HGTV show, Fixer Upper.

Urban Farmhouse style - a look much like the popular farmhouse look that Joanna is famous for on the popular show Fixer Upper. Shiplap walls and all! Slater Mill Dining | Schneiderman's Furniture.
SHOP:dining table + chairs

Her look is always relaxed, unpretentious and welcoming, but not necessarily always casual.  In the rooms she designs for her clients, she creates a nice mix of elements by combining found objects and reclaimed wood with more modern touches like geometric print rugs or pillows.

Urban Farmhouse style - a look much like the popular farmhouse look that Joanna is famous for on the popular show Fixer Upper. Shiplap walls and all! Slater Mill Dining | Schneiderman's Furniture.

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