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Decorating With Red: Tips, Ideas and Inspiration


Red is a powerful color and only the truly committed usually go all out with it in their decorating (as in red everything) – but if you’re not going to go all out, how do you work it in?

Here are some ways to incorporate it and some things to consider:

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Spice Up Your Space

You’ve decided you want to add a little ‘awesome’ to your ‘eh’.  Now what?  Schneiderman’s Furniture works hard to make sure we have eye-catching furniture and accessories scattered through the neutral staple pieces to help you create that WOW factor.

Looking for a little hot pepper? Try this:

Fritz recliner from Action Lane Furniture

Fritz Recliner

A couple of these recliners with mid-century lines and details and a popping red graphic fabric added to a warm, pale neutral sofa will make your space sing.  Spread the color around a bit – red floral arrangement, red ceramic lamp, throw pillows or art with similar warm colors – and your eye will travel around the spicy space.

Or how about:

Julia Recliner from Action Lane

Julia Recliner from Action Lane

When life gives you lemons, add some citrus to the house.  This chair can’t help but cheer you up.  Again, spread around the color, paint an accent wall, add a lemon yellow end table across the room. Citrus and gray is a great combination – adding energy to a calm base neutral.  And chairs aren’t just for living rooms or family rooms!  Small scale recliners can add spice to your bedroom, guest room, or home office.  Repeat the colors in the bedding or lamps!

Bold decisions and additions can be a little scary, but only because saying yes to one direction means saying no to others.  And you can always try those others in another room!


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