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Creative Ways to Add Ombre to Your Home’s Decor

ombre pinecones

A very simple definition of ombre (Merriam-Webster) is “having colors or tones that shade into each other“, and we’ve seen this trend from hair to home decor and everything in between.  Even though it’s been around a while, many still seem to be embracing the trend.

If you’re a fan of the look, here are some creative ways that you could incorporate it into your home:


1. Love the gradation of red and pink on this fun bedroom wall by designer Mark Suess. The rustic wood strip dividers add yet another level of interest.

Ombre wall in tints and shades of pink and red

Bldr: Lecy Bros. | Photo: PK/Schneiderman’s

2. Three methods of choosing colors for an ombre wall:

– The tangerine colors (via Canadian Living) are all off of one paint chip – perfectly logical!
– The effect on this pink wall (via SFGate) was achieved by starting with Pantone Blushing Red and incrementally adding Atrium White.
Lolly Jane just used a variety of left over paints to create her wall.

(Colorful walls are really fun, but this paint technique would also work great with neutrals.)

ombre walls

Looks like paint isn’t the only way to create an ombre effect on walls.  Such a creative use of tile in this bathroom.


Martha Stewart suggests painting the railing spindles progressively dark shades of blue (or the color of your choosing) for a unique stair railing.



Create unique and interesting window treatments by progressively dying them in a mixture of craft paint and water.  You’ll find the how-to on BHG.



This unique light shade was made using fabric strips. See how on marthastewart.com



This is a wedding table centerpiece (via Ruffled Blog), but the idea could easily be translated into home decor. Paint 3 to 5 bottles in gradients of one color and display them on a bookshelf.  (Spray paint may work, but it looks like they painted the inside of the bottles.  Tutorial on how to do that technique here.)


Are you a fan of ombre? Which of these ways would you be most likely to incorporate it into your home?


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