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Schneiderman’s Furniture Offers Nationwide Delivery!

You may know that Schneiderman’s Furniture has a $99 delivery service available anywhere in Minnesota, but did you know that we also ship anywhere in the U.S.?

White glove delivery service ($299) is available to the 48 contiguous United States!

So whether you live here but have a second home elsewhere, live in another state but love our products, or want to purchase a furniture or home decor gift for someone out of state and have it delivered, we can deliver!

Get the full details here.

*Updated 6/3/2015 for accuracy

How NOT to Set your Backyard on Fire

So you’re having a barbeque and want a fire in your backyard for your guests to enjoy.  Or maybe you’re a sucker for s’mores.  Or maybe you’re channeling your inner pyro.  No matter the reason, there’s nothing better than relaxing next to a fire after a long summer day.  Here in Minnesota, the occasional dry spell and various Twin Cities regulations make bonfires a no-no.  So what’s a gal to do?

Why, a fire pit of course!


Haywood Gas Fire Pit

Having a dedicated outdoor fire place gives you the freedom to have a fire whenever and wherever you would like.  (On your own property, of course.  Not sure your neighbors are ready to give up their backyards.) Just imagine – no driving around for wood – this version works with a propane tank.  No digging through the grass to have a dirt ring around a bonfire.  And, perhaps most importantly, comfortable and attractive chairs whose legs don’t slowly sink divets into your yard.  Having a fire pit is a way to take the occasional fire and turn it into a more regular event.  With the turn of a knob, you can relax and enjoy a glass of your favorite beverage in front of an outdoor fire.

Need to really feel the flames?  Try a ceramic version for a wood-burning fire pit.


Heritage Wood-Burning Fire Pit

This one even comes with a poker to really get the sparks flying!  And a screened domed to contain the flames…

Regardless of your preference for gas or wood burning, a fire pit is an excellent investment for those who dream of a backyard night life.  To make a permanent and dedicated place for the furniture, set some paving stones into your yard on a level spot.  By using a moveable fire pit (instead of building one in), you’ll even be able to take it with you should you move.  Check out these great options and all the new patio, deck, and outdoor furniture at Schneiderman’s in Plymouth, Lakeville, Woodbury, Roseville, and Duluth.

Out of Doors, Out of Box

Having a party outside in the beautiful spring weather? Check out the latest video about outdoor furniture.  We’re showcasing alternate seating options to make your outdoor space as comfy and cozy as the inside of the house!


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