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How to Make Your Deck Or Patio An Outdoor Oasis

modern renovation tables

In a recent conversation about the weather (which, isn’t that what everyone’s talking about these days?), someone said “We’ll probably go directly from cold/snow to 80 degrees and sunny, and just skip spring altogether.”  And, as we Minnesotans know, they could very well be right!

And we’re so ready for those warm, sunny, snowless days, aren’t we?  Which is why we want inviting outdoor spaces to enjoy every. single. bit of them.

Here are some ways to make your deck, patio, or porch into a relaxing outdoor oasis.

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How To Shop For Outdoor Furniture

outdoor furniture - dining on the patio
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Outdoor living is a huge part of how most of us enjoy our summers.   BBQ’s with friends and neighbors. A restful afternoon soaking up sun on the patio. Hanging out by the pool.  Watching the sun set over the lake…

And, if it’s nice enough, we’ll use our outdoor spaces for a large part of spring and fall too.  So we need outdoor furniture that looks great, yes, but functions well and is long-lasting too.

Here’s some ways to make sure that’s the case in your outdoor space:

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The Friday 5: Tips and Ideas for A Great Yard


Aaaaah.  The snow is gone!   And.

Oh.  Ugh.  Look at the yard…

Since yards aren’t magically ready for spring and summer once the snow disappears, and some of you are working on and looking for ideas to spruce yours up, we thought we’d link you to some resources and creative ideas that may help.

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