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Father’s Day Gift Idea: The Perfect Reclining Chair

A comfortable modern space with a ton of texture and the not-so-typical reclining chair for dad
Recliner | Accessories in stores

Father’s Day is less than two weeks away and with it comes the question – “What gift should we get for Dad?”

Of course the answer to that question really depends on your dad. Some are athletic – some are not, some are outdoorsy – others are most comfortable inside, some may be super techie – others stay as far away from technology as possible… you get the idea.

It seems that there really isn’t one gift that would be a perfect fit for every Dad.

Or is there?

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Room Solutions: How To Design A Stylish Space Around Motion Furniture

Motion furniture.  We all love it’s comfort and functionality but, when it comes to decorating, some may feel challenged to create a stylish space around it.

The good news is that comfort and style can easily co-exist. Click on the video below for some great tips on how you can make that happen in your home!

(For more room solutions, check out the first video in this series: Room Solutions: Neutral Spaces)


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