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American Made Furniture – Daniel’s Amish


Most of us have a pretty good idea of the positive attributes of Amish bedroom furniture – quality, durability, stunning craftsmanship, beautiful woods, made in America…

But what about style?  If you’ve ever thought that there aren’t quite enough options, then you haven’t seen the Daniel’s Amish collection.

Seriously. Their furniture does have all of the above and more, but what surprised me was the variety of style options they offer.  Something to compliment every design style.

Love the variation in styles available in these Daniel's Amish beds
Shop: Lewiston Sleigh | Manchester | Queen Mission | Nouveau | Classic

Their furniture is made in Holmes County, Ohio, home of America’s largest Amish community today. Every Daniel’s Amish piece is carefully handcrafted from North American hardwoods by skilled Amish woodworkers, and they really are beautifully made.

Daniel's Amish beds with storage space saving storage drawers and bookcase headboards
Shop: Lewiston | Arts & Crafts | Mission

In addition to beds (regular and storage), they also have a selection of chests, dressers, armoires, wardrobes and mirrors.


You can create your new bedroom retreat by clicking the various links in this post to shop online (where you’ll also find the matching pieces), or customize your selections in one of our stores as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Choose your furniture piece(s).
  2. Select your wood species and finish.
  3. Choose your hardware.


Which look is your favorite?

Fundamentally American

So you wanna buy American, huh?  With all the furniture manufacturers out there, how can you truly know which is which?  At Schneiderman’s, we feature products Made in the USA and will help you honestly understand the product’s entire life so you know at which point in the process things begin happening in neighbor states.  Here are a few examples of pieces made primarily in the United States.

1. Flexsteel

High Tide

Flexsteel’s central offices are located in Dubuque, IA and their manufacturing facilities are in several states.  This is one of those manufacturers who do most of their core product line in the United States (upholstery fabrics are imported).  However, Flexsteel

does have some product lines manufactured overseas and in Mexico.  The best idea is to ask the question about a particular piece.

2. King Hickory


Located in High Point, North Carolina, King Hickory is considered a premiere American manufacturer.  Although most of the fabrics are still imported, King Hickory is one of the manufacturers currently increasing it’s relationship with American textile mills.  Almost all the pieces are still made in North Carolina.

3. Cherrico

Utah-based Cherrico offers stunning wood dining pieces that are all American made and heirloom quality.  Customize down to the edge shape on the table and the hardware on the server.  I wish the pictures they have did their products justice, but go to any showroom that has Cherrico and you will be blown away by the luster of the finishes and the quality workmanship.

There are, of course, many more manufacturers, both in the Schneiderman’s showroom and not, that produce furniture in the United States.  If the readers have any favorites, please leave them in the comments section.  Love to hear about more!

What’s New – Made in America

Those of us in the interior design fields and furniture retail are familiar with the following story:  American manufacturers, feeling the pressure of increasing costs, competition, and unreasonable expectations search for less expensive labor and costs overseas.  This search almost invariably brings quality and consistency issues, as the journey across one ocean or another bangs around pieces and the inspection policies of some factories slip.

There is a new wrinkle developing in this story.  The push for green materials and manufacturing processes (new laws in California will likely be adopted across the country soon) and the current economic climate are converging to bring more and more manufacturing back to the United States.  Nowhere is this more noticeable or surprising than in upholstery.

More and more manufacturers, readily available in retail stores across the country, are purchasing fabrics from textile mills in the Carolinas, Massachusetts, and New Hampshire.  This is surprising as the vast majority (probably somewhere like 90-95%) of the fabrics put on moderately priced upholstered furniture and mattresses in the last 20 years have been from overseas.  Even those manufacturers who work almost entirely in the United States (like King Hickory) have sourced their fabrics from overseas mills.

Several advantages come from working with mills closer to home.  Not only are the economic implications clear, but shortages can be dealt with more quickly – which means fewer delays to the end consumer.  In addition, more control over the processes that make polyester, rayon, and acrylic fabrics create a better product with less waste and toxicity.

Basically, ask the question.  For the last 20 years, the answer in furniture has been, “Not much is actually built or sourced in the USA anymore.”  But this is changing.  Be sure you know all the tricks manufacturers and less-than-honest salespeople may use to cloud the real answer.  After all, Made in America can sometimes mean Made in Mexico, which is part of North America.  Or it could mean the manufacturer sources all the parts from overseas and does the final construction in a warehouse in Utah.  Best practice is to ask, “What state is the plant in?” or something to that effect.

This is an important trend in interior design that we can all support.


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