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The Fashion Collection – An Easy and Affordable Custom Furniture Option

Galveston Vintage Chair

When I’m shopping with friends, they know that they can count on hearing the words “I like it, but…” a minimum of once during our excursion.  (And that’s on a good day.)  I know it probably drives them crazy, and there may be the occasional eye roll, but they still agree to shop with me.

If you’re like that when it comes to furniture – you love it, but wish the look was a little different – have you considered custom order?  (And, yes, I have.  And did.)

Unfortunately, some who have not yet had the experience of custom ordering furniture can be intimidated by it.  It seems to them to be something that “other people” do and, even if that weren’t true, it can be perceived as something that wouldn’t be within the budget.

At Schneiderman’s, we know that custom ordering furniture truly can be an easy, fun and affordable experience.

Galveston Vintage Cocktail Ottoman

The Fashion Collection, exclusive to Schneiderman’s, is a great example of that.  You can express your design personality and style with custom pieces by completing just three simple steps, and at a very attractive price.  In addition, custom orders are received in approximately four weeks (or even less)!  Yes!

With the Fashion Collection, you can mix and match styles from traditional and casual collections to create a look that’s uniquely yours.  And, there are over 100 fabric choices.

Here’s how easy it is:

1. Pick Your Style – Choose your frame style (remember, fabric doesn’t matter because you can change that!)

2. Pick Your Fabric – A simple 1-price-per-style program for fabrics allows you to easily choose your favorite upholstery fabric without worrying about a change in price.

3. Pick Your Accents – Really make it your own with coordinating fabrics for your accent chair, pillows, and ottomans, at no extra charge.

Venice Dove Sofa

And, if you’re someone who knows the look you’re going for but would like some advice on how to put it together, our experienced sales associates will be happy to give you some guidance.

So whether you’ve decided that the upcoming graduation party, wedding, or any other celebration is a good excuse to give your living room a refresh.  Or you just can’t put off replacing your hand-me-down furniture any longer.   Why not get exactly what you want this time with some custom order pieces?

For more information on the options available with the Fashion Collection, visit any of our showrooms.

Dorchester Abbey Sofa

*Some frames in this post are shown in our showrooms in different fabrics to give you even more ideas on how the different fabric choices can play out.

Spice Up Your Space

You’ve decided you want to add a little ‘awesome’ to your ‘eh’.  Now what?  Schneiderman’s Furniture works hard to make sure we have eye-catching furniture and accessories scattered through the neutral staple pieces to help you create that WOW factor.

Looking for a little hot pepper? Try this:

Fritz recliner from Action Lane Furniture

Fritz Recliner

A couple of these recliners with mid-century lines and details and a popping red graphic fabric added to a warm, pale neutral sofa will make your space sing.  Spread the color around a bit – red floral arrangement, red ceramic lamp, throw pillows or art with similar warm colors – and your eye will travel around the spicy space.

Or how about:

Julia Recliner from Action Lane

Julia Recliner from Action Lane

When life gives you lemons, add some citrus to the house.  This chair can’t help but cheer you up.  Again, spread around the color, paint an accent wall, add a lemon yellow end table across the room. Citrus and gray is a great combination – adding energy to a calm base neutral.  And chairs aren’t just for living rooms or family rooms!  Small scale recliners can add spice to your bedroom, guest room, or home office.  Repeat the colors in the bedding or lamps!

Bold decisions and additions can be a little scary, but only because saying yes to one direction means saying no to others.  And you can always try those others in another room!


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