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Painting a Color on the Ceiling

Turquoise ceiling!

I recently helped someone who ran into a time crunch with a basement remodel and needed extra hands to get the painting completed on time.  It was a small painting project but it did include a ceiling, which was a first for me.

The ceiling paint had already been chosen by the time I arrived on the scene –  a nice basic white that was recommended by the paint store. It certainly did it’s part in finishing off the space, and painting the ceiling wasn’t as complicated as I imagined it to be.

The experience did get me thinking, though, about how more often than not we automatically choose white paint for the ceiling rather than opting for an interesting color.


I’m assuming that most of us probably aren’t going to repaint all of our ceilings just for the fun of it, but a color other than white is definitely worth considering – especially when painting a ceiling for the first time.

It’s an extra design detail that really takes a space to the next level, don’t you think?

Love this paint idea - something to consider for the office, with a framed section of chalkboard paint on the wall behind the door, then substantial desk furniture? The white on the walls will make the room larger, the color will be still dramatic.

If you’re considering painting a ceiling, but are unsure how to go about it, here are some resources:

  1. How To Paint Ceilings (Benjamin Moore)
  2. How To Paint A Ceiling Like a Pro (DIY Network)
  3. How to Paint a Ceiling (Bob Vila)


Tineke Triggs Transitional Bedroom San Francisco

Have you ever painted a ceiling? Would you ever choose a color other than white?

Choosing a Gray Paint Color: Some Options


Gray is a popular choice in design right now, and especially popular as a neutral wall color, but the question is WHICH gray to choose?

There are so. many. options. that it can feel a bit overwhelming.

Revere Pewter source

In case you’re looking for a starting point, we’ve put a post together for you today with some gray paint choices that we are familiar with.

Hopefully one of these will be perfect in your space!


I don’t have any personal experience with this one, but if you do any research on the internet on which gray paints are popular, this one comes up A LOT.   It’s a lighter gray with warm undertones and is very versatile.

Living Room in Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter - via Evolution of Style Blog
Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter (image: source)


Oak Tone Sample

This has been a very popular light neutral here in Minnesota.  It’s a light gray with brown undertones, probably a little more brown than Revere Pewter.

I’ve used this one and seen it in three different homes and it’s always looked great.

oak tone
image from Hirshfield’s Color Visualizer 


Benjamin Moore describes this gray paint color as:  Elegant and rich – a muted shade of gray that has a slight olive tint.

My personal experience with this paint was in a small room with one window and a west/southwest exposure.  It definitely appeared to have a purple tint in that light.  Proof that color can really look completely different depending on the space/lighting that it’s in! (wainscoting in the image below is Ashley Gray, walls are Litchfield Gray)

Ashley Gray


Amazing Gray is a nice medium gray paint color, and is described as a gray with green undertones.

I’ve used this paint in my own home and would agree.

gray living room

Gray paint color for girls bedroom

Chad, who is responsible for choosing all of the various paint colors that we use in our stores, has a lot of experience in choosing paint colors!

Here are some of the Hirshfield’s grays that he would recommend:


Zen Retreat

RAND MOON (0532)

Rand Moon


Subtle Shadow

It would be nice if the images represented exactly what the paint would look like in each of our homes, but of course they don’t.  It’s important to always test the paint in your own space before committing to anything.

Everyone has their preferred method for testing paints, but here’s one option:  Paint at least two solid coats of paint (to get a true representation of color) on a large piece of poster board and move it around the room to see how it will look on different walls at different times of the day.

more inspiration:

{browse more color & paint tips and inspiration}

Do you have a favorite gray paint color that you’ve used recently?  Let us know in the comments!

Tufting: Traditional or Modern?

Tufting is more popular than ever in furniture right now, and we liked the way that these two mini-rooms (photographed in our most recent photo shoot) highlight the way that, even though it still looks great in a traditional room, it is certainly no longer limited to that.


This modern sofa has clean lines and square cushions. The button tufting is minimal and less inset, yet adds interesting detail and makes a great design statement!Tufting used to be seen in more traditional spaces, but now it's perfectly at home in modern spaces too.


The traditional *settee has the deeper diamond tufting typically expected on a traditional piece, but with a great updated silhouette that says today!
This fun settee is a perfect example of tufting on an updated traditional piece.

When using tufted furniture, try to limit the number of pieces in one room.

Tufting is intended to add unique style and make a design statement, so if you have too many tufted pieces in one space they can get lost in the shuffle.



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